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Retro Hairstyles For Men Circa 2004

Retro Man's Hairstyle With Tons Of Texture

Retro Hairstyles For Men Circa 2004

Guys' hair for Fall/Winter 2004 will be extremely short or extremely long, no in-betweens.  Cuts will be retro-inspired and reminiscent of things from the past.

With this gravity-defying hairstyle created for the Joico's Kaleidoscope Collection the internal and external texture is mirrored throughout the haircut.

This haircut is not only full of precision cut texture, it is carefully highlighted and lowlighted to play up the spectacular texture.  Will it work for all hair types and textures?  It can but depending upon the natural hair texture, it may be difficult to maintain.

To recreate this hairstyle opt for Joico styling gum and dis-order elastic gel.  It will help to re-create the Retro Male Hairstyle and amp up the pieced out look.

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Joico eats, sleeps and breathes beauty. Joico develops innovative, top performing hair products for healthy hair.  They design artistic imagery which inspires creativity.  Joico surrounds themselves with the most gifted artists and educators in the salon industry. Joico is 100% committed to the advancement of the global salon community. Why? Because beauty isn't Joico's job - it's their passion.

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