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How To Grow And Style Goatees

How To Grow And Style Goatees

Although considered a classic man facial hair trend, goatees come and go out of fashion like everything else in the hair world.

What Is A Goatee?

What is the true definition of a goatee? A classic goatee is a type of beard formed by a tuft of hair which grows on the chin.   Leonardo DiCaprio is a classic example of a celebrity who is a long time goatee wearer.

Some men wear only a goatee while others combine the goatee with a mustache which may or may not be connected by hair on each side of the lips forming a circle of hair.  Leonardo wears a combination of a goatee with a well-defined mustache, a small soul patch and a well-defined beard which creates a clear circle of hair.

There are variation on the classic goatee including a tiered goatee which has variable lengths of hair which create a multi-leveled beard.

A goatee may also be combined with or without a beard.  In fact, a man might wear a goatee along with a mustache and a beard for a full facial combination.  On the other hand, a Vandyke is a mustache and goatee, that may or may not be connected.

The Soul Patch

Another popular male facial hair look is a tuft of hair worn right under the lower lip.  This type of facial hair is known as a soul patch (sole patch, mouche, etc.,) and is not considered a type of goatee.  The soul patch, also known as a royale or impériale, can be worn completely alone or combined with a variety of other facial hair options.

A soul patch can also be worn with a goatee as part of a tiered goatee look.  Or it can be worn alone with either a mustache or a beard or in combination with a mustache and a beard.

A soul patch can also be combined with a Rico goatee which is a type of fine arrow pointed goatee.  Usually a soul patch does not directly connect with a goatee.

Whether you have a classic goatee that you wear regardless of fashion or want to add a goatee because they're currently considered edgy like Big Brother's Evel Dick Donato (shown to the side), consider the follow tips on how to grow and style goatees.

How To Grow A Goatee

1.  Start by growing facial hair for at least four days or until you have enough hair to create the desired goatee or similar facial hair design.

2.  Once you have enough facial hair growth cut out the outline of the goatee with a razor.

3.  To have a clear view of where to cut the outline do not use shaving cream or any product that will have the hair from view.

4.  Once you have the clear design then you can apply shaving cream and shave out any unwanted hair.

Utilize A Small Trimmer

If you're committed to having a goatee long term then you should invest in a facial hair trimmer.  A facial hair trimmer come equipped with a range of attachments which makes creating and maintaining facial hair easier and more efficient.

Use the trimmer once a week or so to lightly run over the goatee.  This will keep it looking neat and well maintained.

Shaving Schedule

Clients with thick facial hair can avoid shaving for a couple of days and your goatee will still be visible.  If you have thin facial hair will have to shave around the goatee more often to keep the goatee well defined.

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