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Brad Pitt Grows Goatee Again

Brad Pitt Grows Goatee Again

Brad Pitt appears to be growing his facial hair again. In July he showed off a full moustache, a beard and a bit of a soul patch.  Will he stick with the beard or is he going to revert back to his previous goatee?

In the past the handsome actor and long time life partner of Angelina Jolie caught lots of criticism for growing a ghastly goatee.

(Image of Brad Pitt to the left from July 2011 - DC Media - All Rights Reserved and to the right - Brad at Hope For Haiti Now: A Global Benefit For Earthquake Relief telethon on MTV in January 2010)

At one point in the recent past Brad debuted a horrendous misshapen goatee which was approximately 4 full inches when he appeared at the Invictus movie premiere in Los Angeles in December of 2009.

Male facial hair experts weighed in on his various goatees which they decided was intentionally being showcased in an un-groomed fashion.  Even worse was the fact that Brad's beard was showing a lots of gray, not a good look for the superstar.

Barbers pointed out that Brad should always cover his gray goatee hairs so that his facial hair would look more polished, natural and well-groomed.  It was also suggested that his goatee be shaped along traditional goatee lines and trimming the excessive length.

A goatee, when shaped properly and regularly can look elegant and even charming.  Brad's goatee looked like it hadn't been combed or groomed since he started growing it.

Some referred to Brad's goatee as a major detriment to his otherwise well-groomed appearance.

(Image of Brad Pitt with a goatee to the left from February 2010 - DC Media - All Rights Reserved and to the right - a clean shaven Brad in November 2010)

Will Brad again let his goatee deteriorate to the horrendous facial hair he wore back to the Superbowl in 2010 or will he keep it undercontrol this time out of the facial hair gate?

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