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Gracefully Grow Out Layers

Introduction - Gracefully Grow Out Layers

Angled Bob With Lots of Layers - Image Courtesy of Paul Mitchell Angled Bob With Lots of Layers - Image Courtesy of Paul Mitchell

For some haircuts such as pixies, crops, chops and bobs, layers are an excellent addition.  Unfortunately, layers can be a major challenge when trying to grow hair all one length.

Whether you wear your hair bone straight or pulled back, layers may look awkward.  These uneven lengths can also misbehave when trying to create braids or buns on growing out tresses.

When transitioning hair from a short heavily layered pixie, crop, chop, bob or similar, there are ways to gracefully grow out layers.

Listed below are some ways to gracefully grow out layers:

1.  Use hair accessories to disguise layers

When layered bangs grow down past the chin they can be brushed to one side and clipped into place with an array of brightly colored bobby pins, sleeper clips, jaws, claws, barrettes or combs.

As they grow a bit longer they can be stretched into side ponytails or even nape ponies secured with bobby pins.

Headbands, both soft and hard, will help to contain random layers which pop out of tight ponytails, braids, buns, twists or updos.

Bob With Lots of Angles & Fringe Bob With Lots of Angles & Fringe

2.  Use natural texture to help disguise layers

If you have natural textures such as waves, curls, kinks and coils, play them up to help disguise layers which are growing out.  Amping up hair texture works as a great camouflage for random layers.

Pin hair back the best you can and then try to just minimize the problem.

3.  Use braids to anchor long layers and gracefully grow out layers

Create two French braids on either side of your head directing them into one braid cascading down towards the back of the neck.  When your layers continue to grow you'll eventually be able to wear a single French, Dutch or similar braid positioned down the middle of your head.

As random pieces of hair escape from either the double or single braids, you can apply gel, hairspray, paste or cream to soften the strands and anchor them into place.

4.  Play with messy buns, twists and updos

Messy buns, twists and updos are a great way to camouflage uneven, short, random or errant layers.  Tousled updos can make random layers look like they're part of the messy updo design.

Conair Bobby Pins - Conair Bobby Pins -

You can create a great hairstyle which is a hit even though you're trying to hide uneven layers. Even if your layers are the shortest at your fringe and longest at the middle of your back, you can still create a messy chignon.

5.  Try oil and water

If you have problems creating braids, twists or ponytails you can experiment with applying water, hair oil, styling cream, gel or paste on unwashed strands to help anchor random layers.

6. Use side parts

Part hair off to one side rather than down the middle. Take the newly created section of hair and clip it on the side of the head.  This design works well if you're creating a bun, twist or any updo.  It looks very stylish and sleek.

7.  Keep hair healthy to minimize need for trims

Since you want layers to grow as quickly as possible space out the time in-between normal trims.  Stay away from your stylist as long as possible rather than popping in every 4-6 weeks for a trim.

Focus on keeping on keeping hair and ends as healthy as possible to minimize the development of split ends, rips or tears.  Do deep treatments two or more times a week and use leave-in conditioner and/or moisturizing products all the time on the ends.

Jessica Simpson Pony Hair Extension Jessica Simpson Pony Hair Extension

8.  Play with color

Sometimes adding low lights and highlights will do a great job of giving hair a more balanced appearance as it grows out naturally.  Talk to your hair colorist about what color tricks they might utilize to help you beautifully deal with your hair as you extend the layers.

9.  Use fusion hair extensions to help blend natural layers

A well-known celebrity hairstylist uses fusion style hair extensions to help instantly extend a slow growing fringe or balance out uneven or awkward layers.  When done properly it softens the awkward hair growth stage.

10.  Practice patience

Although growing out layers can be as time-consuming and difficult as growing out a fringe, you need to practice patience and time.

Every person experiences different challenges with their layers.  Some find that the top exterior layers are the hardest to grow out while other find the layers around the hairline or the fringe is the most challenging.

Hair Barrette Hair Barrette

11.  Employ all healthy hair growing tips

Growing out layers is just another form of encouraging overall hair growth.  Remember to follow all the basic hair growth rules including the following:  avoid hot tools, eat healthy, take hair vitamins, get plenty of sleep and stay hydrated by drinking lots of water.

Summary - Gracefully Grow Out Layers

The average person grows hair at the rate of 1/2 inch per month.  Depending upon how short your layers are at the beginning of your growth cycle, it may take just a few months or as long as a year or more to grow your layers out.  '

Remember patience is important and time heals all hair wounds.

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