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Dr. House Has New Head Of Hair

Dr. House Has New Head Of Hair

Hugh Laurie returned tonight as Dr. Gregory House in the eight season of House  (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.  The premiere featured House in prison right on the verge of parole.

Nothing is ever simple in the world of Dr. House and prison is no exception.  After saving the life of a prison inmate, getting a prison doctor fired and inciting a prison riot, House appears to still be on track to being released from the big house.

If you look a little closer at Dr. House you may notice he has a lot more hair on his head this season than he did last.

While you may be thinking he let it grow over the summer, think again.

Although the new head of hair isn't so dramatic it looks unnatural, for a hair freak like me it looks like he's wearing some sort of hair replacement or integration system.

It's hard to know exactly what type of system he's sporting, but he definitely has a lot more hair than he did last season.

A fuller head of hair isn't the only thing that's different about his appearance. While his beard still has some gray sprinkled throughout, it appears less this year than last.  Also, his hair around his face appears less gray in Season 8 then it did in Season 7.

While most viewers may just have assumed that Dr. House let his hair grow thicker and fuller while spending his time in jail, I suspect it was a carefully calculated plan by the producers to give Dr. House a fresher and younger look.

Viewers will probably never receive confirmation of any add-on hair for Dr. House but I say kudos.  Not only does it look natural, it does make Dr. House look more dashing.

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