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Chase And Cameron Get Engaged On House

It was a long time coming and it all happened in a rather twisted path.  If you haven't seen the most recent House episode and don't want to see spoilers, stop reading now.

Dr. Cameron  (Dr. Allison Cameron played by Jennifer Morrison) who found an engagement ring in Dr. Chase's (Dr. Robert Chase played by Jesse Spencer) sock drawer was very freaked out by the idea that the man she has been living with for a couple of seasons of House on Fox, was not ready for Dr. Chase to propose.

(Image of Cameron (Jennifer Morrison, R) talking to Dr. House (Hugh Laurie, L) about her possible engagement to Dr.  Chase - Fox/TV - All Rights Reserved(

She handled the impending proposal which was supposed to happen on a three day Holiday but avoiding the vacation.  Unfortunately she was so freaked out by Chase planning to propose that she started acting very strange.

Dr. Chase assumed Cameron was acting crazy because she was in love with Dr. House.  Even Dr. Cuddy (played by Lisa Edelstein) started to worry about Cameron and her actions.

Finally after a cat and mouse game between Cameron and Chase she confesses to Dr. House (Hugh Laurie) that she found a ring and that Chase was going to propose.  Cameron told House she didn't want Chase to propose as a knee jerk reaction to the recent shocking suicide of Dr. Kutner (played by Kal Penn)

Chase finally gets fed up with Cameron's bizarre behavior and breaks up with her.  He tells her to let him know when he can come by and pick up his things.  Cameron is crushed.  However, the break up is enough to shake her up to the point she goes to Cameron and proposes that he propose to her.  He gets on his knees and before he can say anything Cameron says yes.  It was quite romantic.

Unfortunately art does not imitate life.  Chase and Cameron were engaged in real life but broke it off.  It is amazing that the two were able to go through the proposal and continue to be a couple on the air.  Kudos to them for the ability to put their personal lives aside.

Also, at the end of the episode after House played the piano and the harmonica he sees Amber aka Cut Throat Bitch who is supposedly dead.  This opens the door for a lot of intrigue.  I for one can't wait.

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