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2009 Independent Spirit Awards Cameron Diaz

Host Steve Coogan introduced Cameron by saying "and now to present the Robert Altman Award Someone I think would be perfect as the leading lady for my new movie called Trapped In An Elevator With Cameron's called Cameron Diaz."

(Image of Cameron Diaz at 2009 Independent Spirit Awards - All Rights Reserved).

Actress Cameron Diaz sashayed onto the stage at the recent 2009 Independent Spirit Awards as a presenter.  Wearing her darker blonde hair long, lush and full of volume, Cameron was rocking a cherry red satin dress with thick black vertical stripes. She completed the look with black stiletto high heels.

Cameron smiled into the audience and said "hi...everyone.  There's a lot of you here by the way.  The great auteur Robert Altman once said that "film making is a chance to live many lifetimes.  The award we give in his honor recognizes an entire cast of actors who have truly lived the lives of their characters on scene."

She continued "Charlie Kaufman's debut film, "Synecdoche, New York" (Cameron said the words very slowly and deliberately) defies a simple description.  It's about many things.  In fact it's about everything.  Now trying to make a film about everything can be a little overwhelming so to do it, Charlie gathered an amazing cast of fine actors and actresses of course and Charlie's movie shows an artist's work can never be finished and the same is true for the artists we are honoring today.  Their work will always be growing, changing and beginning anew."

Cameron introduced a clip of the film and said here is "Synecdoche, New York" which point she butchered the pronunciation of the film.  Looking definitely annoyed with herself she said to the audience, "Synecdoche", they have it spelled out phonetically.  She said it again and nailed it the third time.

A clip was played of the film showing Philip Seymour Hoffman in several of the scenes as well as many of the members of the cast.

After the clip was over Cameron said "Film Independent is pleased to present the Robert Altman Award for 2009 to Director Charlie Kaufman, Casting Director Gene McCarthy  and the ensemble cast of Synecdoche, New York which included Hope Davis, Philip Seymour Hoffman,  Catherine Keener, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Samantha Morton, Tom Noonan, Emily Watson, Dianne Wiest (Cam misprounced her last name) and Michelle Williams."

Several cast members of "Synecdoche" try giving speeches as the music plays them off.

Philip Seymour Hoffman says "I'm glad I said yes, very glad I said yes."  Charlie Hoffman said "there's en ensemble cast here and I want to help them all, he then named everyone in the cast.

Actress Catherine Keener then tried to talk but the music started to play and she said "Charlie was great".  She laughed and looked amused.  Someone else tried to speak but the music was already played and the cast was rushed off the stage.

So much for awarding an Ensemble Cast for their noteworthy performances.  But hey, shows like this have to stick to a tight timeline.

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