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2009 Independent Spirit Awards: Lucy Liu

Lucy Liu has been creating a lot of buzz lately.  She was the center of attention in New York at the recent fashion shows.

At the 2009 Independent Spirit Awards Lucy was one of the co-presenters with Milk's Emile Hirsch for Best Screen Play.

(Image of L-R Penelope Cruz and Lucy Liu - 2009 Independent Spirit Awards - ©2008-2009 Film Independent - All rights reserved)

Looking incredible, Lucy glided onto the stage wearing a short strapless Fuschsia pink satin Lanvin gown.  The stunning gown had soft fitted pleats flowing across the bustline and down into the bodice.

It appeared as if she was wearing a clear wide belt since it perfectly matched her short sassy gown.  She had on stunning high heels and earrings.

Her famous raven black hair was worn completely off her face and coiffed into sheets of long lush silk which cascaded down from her shoulders.  Her makeup was perfection.

How is it possible this Angel only gets more gorgeous as the years go by?  She announced the award by saying "the screenwriter's journey from fade in to the end is torture for some, difficult for most and never less than an extremely daunting challenge for everyone who attempts it.

The nominees for the Best Screenplay category included Sugar by Ana Boden and Ryan Fleck, Charlie Kaufman for Synecdoche, New York, Savage Grace by Howard A. Rodman,  Christopher Zalla for Sangre De Mi Sangry and Vicky Christina Barcelona written by Woody Allen.

The 2009 Spirit Award for best screenwriter went to Woody Allen for Vicky Christina Barcelona although he was not present to accept the award.  Lucy accepted it for Woody.

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