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2009 Independent Spirit Awards Drew Barrymore

Wearing her buttery blonde hair in a soft flip with a side swept crown, the bubbly Drew Barrymore popped in Live to send her greetings even though she was not there in person.

(Image of Drew Barrymore - - All Rights Reserved).

When the camera showcased Drew she waved and said "hi everybody at the Independent Spirit Awards.  Hi Steve."

Greetings To Cameron & Lucy

She mugged for the camera and said "I'm sorry I can't be there, I have to wait for the cable guy.  He gave me a window from 12 to 4 and you know how it is, but I just have to have Cinemax. Um and also hi Cameron and Lucy."

Ohh  I will see you (Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu) at the after party. 

Hey, you know what?  Why don't you invite some cool people. Like fun. But for Christ's sake don't invite Aaron Eckhart."

Shout Out To Darren Aronofsky

She left the camera view for about one second and then popped back in and said "oooh, and by the way, if you see Darren Aronofsky will you tell him that I read it, I love it, it's such an amazing script, I'm so excited. I have a few reservations about the anal scene but I am so in.

Then the camera panned back to Darren before the next presenters were introduced.  It was funny and Drew was a fresh breath of air, as always.

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