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Drew Barrymore - Big Hair - Golden Globes

Actress Drew Barrymore made a big splash at the 2009 Golden Globes for a number of noteworthy reasons.

First of all her hair was very blonde.  Over the past few years Drew has gone with darker blonde hues and even transcended for a time into brunette.  Last night at the Golden Globe Awards her hair was bordering on platinum blonde.

(Image of Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange - Golden Globe Awards).

Unlike many of the actresses walking the Red Carpet and appearing at the Golden Globe Awards show, Drew's hair was worn styled with a big hair look.  Her medium length above-the-chin tresses were heavily backcombed to give a 60s Glam bouffant look.  It was very flattering for her face shape and worked well with her gorgeous steel blue/gray gown.

In addition, Drew attended the Golden Globes with esteemed actress Jessica Lange.  The two walked down the Red Carpet hand in hand and stopped to chat with Ryan Seacrest.

When asked about holding hands, Drew and Jessica told Ryan they were attending the Golden Globes together as "mother and daughter" and also because they were co-presenting an award.  In addition they told Ryan they "were promoting a film they had done together".

They told Ryan they would "love to come on his show to talk about their film" and Ryan told them to name "where and when".

Of course Jay Alexander went crazy over Drew's gorgeous gown which she explained was John Galliano gown for Dior.  Jessica Lange was wearing Roberto Cavailli and also looked stunning with her darker blonde hair worn down in soft waves around her face.

When asked about her attendance Jessica Lange told Ryan "I don't usually do these things (attend awards or walk the Red Carpet) so I needed a little support" (from Drew).

Drew and Jessica told Ryan "we are here" tonight "to talk about our film Grey Gardens" which they referred to as their "beloved documentary" and a film that was "extraordinary" and an "unorthodox love story".  They told Ryan they were "insufferable" about wanting to discuss their film.

It was obvious that Drew was very beloved and at one point Hayden Pantierre popped in to see Ryan Seacrest and specifically give Drew a hug.  They obviously had great affection for each other, as did many of the other stars who appeared to stop and chat with Drew.

Drew glided down the Red Carpet and stopped to greet fans.  She and Jessica co-presented at the show.

Of course not all the fashion and hair pundits will agree with me but I thought Drew definitely pulled off a beautiful bouffant hairstyle and her gown was stunning.

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