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2009 Spirit Awards Catherine Keener And Michelle Williams Bond

I'm a huge fan of both Catherine Keener and Michelle Williams.  Of course a really great actress can present themselves on screen in such a manner that you think they are the kind of person you might want to hang out with and in reality, in private, they are someone completely different.

While I'm not sure I would have a lot to chat with Michelle about on a personal lever, other than having also suddenly lost a male partner to death, I really feel I would enjoy Catherine.  She seems to have a free spirit, a great sense of fun and a zest for life.

Ironically Catherine attended the 2009 Independent Spirit Awards in very relaxed fashion.  She wore her naturally wavy hair long and tousled, which is a nice word for wind blown.

Michelle was very dressed up with her buttery blonde tresses wrapped into a very soft low nape twist with a few strands allowed to curl out along the hairline.

The two actresses worked together in the award winning film Synecdoche, New York which apparently many people can not properly pronounce including Aaron Eckhart and Cameron Diaz.  The director of the film, Charlie Kaufman, told the audience maybe he should have picked a different name.  Probably a wise thought.

Catherine made a point of saying how great it was to work with Charlie but before she could give any sort of speech, even a short one, she was cut short by the music as was the rest of the ensemble cast.

The Independent Spirit Awards are designed to be fun, free and casual.  Which explains the absence of over-the-top glamour.  While some stars definitely dressed up, may like Philip Seymour Hoffman and Catherine wore jeans, sneakers and even knit caps.  Was it cold in the tent?  Who knows.

It was interesting to get an inside peek at how the stars party when they go to the beach and it was obvious that Catherine Keener and Michelle Williams enjoyed working together as part of the ensemble cast.

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