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Manscaping Featured On Latest Episode Of House

Jesse Spencer As Dr. Robert Chase on House

Manscaping Featured On Latest Episode Of House

Jesse Spencer returned recently as Dr. Robert Chase in Season Eight of HOUSE on FOX.

On the "Dead & Buried" episode broadcast on Monday, Nov. 21st Dr. Chase was called out by Doctors Park (Charlyne Yi, L) and Adams (Odette Annable) for his three consecutive haircuts, his obvious mani/pedi and his rumored Brazilian.

Although Chase blew off the accusations of aggressive manscaping, ultimately he caved and confessed his waxing habits.

His quest for manscaping perfection ultimately was explained when Dr. House showed the team a video of Chase appeared on video as a Doctor Down Under.   The mystery of Dr. Chase's willingness to endure the pain of manscaping was tied to his video appearance.

Do Men Really Get Brazilians?

Mike Myers as Dr. Evil in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery observed "There's nothing quite like a shorn scrotum... It's breathtaking... I suggest you try it!".

While men definitely may wax their chest and back hair, current grooming wisdoms suggest that men never use wax and creams to remove pubic hair from the family jewels.  

Dr. Jesse Spencer And Medical Team On House

Why?  The skin in these many areas is far too sensitive, thin and stretches easily. The pain from waxing like done in a Brazilian would be too intense for most men.

New Body Grooming Shavers

If a man has his heart set on that clean shaven look which results from waxing, he should look into one of the new body grooming shavers designed specifically for manscaping requirements without the use of traditional razors.  As a result, carefully shaving the pubic area is the only option to achieve a manscaped look below the belt.

What's Manscaping?

Manscaping is the modern term for the removal of body hair by shaving. It has become a very popular trend over the past 10 years due to the desire by some men to remove all body hair.

Manscaping was demonstrated in the film 40 Year Old Virgin starring Steve Carell.  Carell's character had a very hairy chest and back.  His friend took him for a body waxing session where his chest hair was waxed off right on camera.  Supposedly the waxing was done in real time on Carell's chest.  After the fact Carell reportedly talked about how painful the waxing experience was to endure.

Charlyne Yi as Park and Odette Annable as Adams On House

A hair free body is thought by some to heighten any sexual experience by creating a slippery and smooth surface of contact.

There is also the visual impact.  Some people that removal of pubic hair makes the remaining body part look larger, cleaner and more desirable.

Is this really true?  For most it's a personal opinion.

History Of Manscaping

Body hair removal has a history.  It  springs from cultural and religious custom in some Islamic groups.

Then there is the visual impact that the trimming of hair has for an observer.  In some parts of the world, the removal of all body hair helps to prevent fleas and lice.

What are you thoughts on manscaping?

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