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Princess Diana's Astrologer Speaks Out About Choice Of Wedding Date For William And Kate

Yahoo Shine has an interesting article about Astrologer Penny Thornton and her opinions about the date which was chosen for the wedding of Prince William and Kate.

While Thornton believes the new royals will have a long and generally successful union, she predicts there will be plenty of surprises along the way.

This was an interesting article for me because I have been a student of astrology since I was 15 years old.  Many of my friends are practicing astrologers and I received quite a few phone calls and notes commenting upon the upcoming wedding date for the young Royals.

Indeed, I completely agree with Thornton and had asked one astrologer friend if they thought a professional astrologer had actually picked the date for the young couple.  If a professional astrologer did pick the date their choice is definitely puzzling.

The couple are getting married during a less than advantageous moon position which is also somewhat of a mystery in my very humble opinion.

Not only is the moon in the waning crescent period which is not considered by electional astrologers to be the best for starting a new venture such as a marriage, the moon is in the last degrees of Pisces before entering Aries.  The fourth quarter moon symbolizes completion and conclusion not new beginnings.

Moon Is Very Weak In Wedding Chart

Although the moon is not officially void of course due to minor contact points with other planets, in essence it is very weak and also not the best placement for beginning a marriage.

Thornton, a close friend of Prince William's late mother and her personal astrologer suggests that the timing of Friday's nuptials could lead to a tumultuous future for the couple.  In my opinion Thornton is being polite and politically correct in her analysis although I would put a much stronger spin on the couple's future.

If you also look at the natal charts of William who is a very early degree Cancer sun and Kate who is a Capricorn there are even more troubling indications of the time and date of the wedding.

While there are many components to a natal chart, not just the Sun and the Moon, opposite signs like William and Kate often have to work hard to find a common ground.  Of course even more answers will be revealed once the exact time the couple seal their wedding contract is revealed.

While Thornton has stated “I believe these two are made for each other,” and that they are "star-matched lovers and their marriage should be strong and lasting" it will be interesting to see what unfolds for this couple.

I agree with Thornton that the marriage most likely will involve controversy, unexpected change and major disagreements.  If the couple had come to me for their wedding election I would most likely have encouraged them to select a different date.  If that was not possible, I would have advised William to make sure he had a solid pre-nup in place.

Thornton also stresses there is no such thing as a perfect marriage and that is indeed true but sometimes utilizing known lunar advantages can ease a bumpy path.

I personally wish the Royal couple the very best.  Based on what I know from many years of studying the stars it will be interesting to see if the wedding chart unfolds as the stars predict.  Many astrologers watched when Diana married Charles and the stars in that chart did not lie.  I only hope that William and Kate have a much happier ending.

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