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Parenthood's Amber And Haddie's Medium Length Prom Hairstyles On Parenthood

On the April 5th episode of NBC's hit show, Parenthood, Mae Whitman who plays Amber Holt, went to her senior Prom with a blind date.

Amber is going through a major crisis right now since she did not get into college and was devastated by the news.

Image of Haddie Braverman and Amber Holt going to the Prom at right - NBC - All Rights Reserved)

Her mom, played by the amazing Lauren Graham was shocked to hear Amber's college rejection news.  Meanwhile Amber who is a very independent and quirky teen looked chic and edgy for her prom.

As her mom pointed out, it was totally unexpected that a rebel like Amber would even go to her prom.

Amber and her blind date doubled with her cousin Haddie Braverman (Sarah Ramos) and Haddie's love, Alex (Michael B. Jordan).  Haddie was totally into the prom and was part of the decorating committee.

I found the entire Prom subplot to be fascinating on a number of fronts.

Both of the Parenthood Prom going girls have chin length (Haddie) or shorter (Amber) strands and they embraced their current length with dressy hairstyles.

Also, both embraced the sizzling new trend to showcase flirty curls which is the new hair rage due to Reese Witherspoon's turn in "Water With Elephants."

Amber wore a tea length black minimalist gown with a fitted waist and full skirt.  She added a pop of color with her long red dangling earrings.

As she left for the Prom she slipped on a matching black dressy sweater with a hint of crystals and shimmer.

Her hair, which she has been wearing short during the current Parenthood season was styled with lots of volume and accented by loose 30s style toused curls throughout the side, crown and back of her head.

Amber's hairstyle also featured a side part with her short choppy fringe brushed sleekly to one side.  Her make-up was flawless.

(Image of Haddie Braverman played by Sarah Ramos - NBC - All Rights Reserved).

Amber's cousin Haddie went with a more figure revealing above-the-knee dress in milk chocolate with one-crystal encrusted shoulder and a fitted waist.

Haddie's hair which is medium-length was worn sleek and brushed completely off her face.  She had a hint of a side fringe which was styled in a retro 30s style.

Although the top of her hairstyle was sleek, the edges exploded into an array of loose finger picked flirty curls which looked just right for her dress.

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