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Marie Osmond's Daughter Hated Her Natural Curls

No one can say that Oprah doesn't tackle some of the most heart wrenching topics of our times. On today's show (Thursday, November 11, 2010) the queen of the talking heads had Marie Osmond as her only guest.

Marie shared many painful memories about the recent suicide (February 26, 2010) of her beloved 18 year old son Michael Brian. Marie made a point to say her son was clean of all drugs even though he had been in rehab in the past. She also said he wasn't normally a depressed kid.

(Image of Marie Osmond at 37th Annual Emmy Awards in 2010 - DC Media - All Rights Reserved)

Many times Marie and the audience were in tears as Marie discussed her son's death. It was obvious Marie's grief is quite raw. It was the first interview Marie has given regarding her loss.

Marie told Oprah "I don't know if you're ever ready to talk about it (her son's death). I knew you would be the person I would talk to about it too and I think if anybody asks after that I'll say I already talked about it on Oprah and that's all."

During her hour long conversation with Oprah Marie shared some very poignant memories about "Mike" as she often referred to her son. Marie said that Michael told her "I have no friends" and it brought back to Marie her own experiences with depression, which Michael was suffering from at the time of his suicide.

Michael Shared His Matching Curls With His Little Sister

At one point Marie allowed Oprah to play a few of the words spoken at Michael's funeral by her children. A 12 year old Brianna Osmond said "Michael never forgot my birthday. It's a big deal in a family as big as mine. I didn't like my curly hair when I was little but he made me feel better about it....because we matched."

A photo was shown of the late Michael Osmond as a teen and he had a gorgeous head ful of shimmering tight ringlets and curls.

Marie Osmond Is A Very Brave Woman

Marie summed up how she found out about her son's death and said "your life changes". Indeed, anyone who has suffered the loss of a loved one understands all too clearly what she means.

The iconic performer told Oprah Michael had called her cell phone at about 8:45 or "something around there" while she was on stage in Las Vegas performing in her show with her brother Donny.

Marie said she saw that Michael had tried to call her but couldn't take the call at that point because she was getting "miked up to go back on stage." Michael died at approximately 9:30, less than an hour after he tried to reach his mother.

Marie said "some things are lso in stone and other things are like waves that come in and out of your heart." She also said "I've been through some tough things in my life Oprah, this is probably the hardest thing I've ever been through." Oprah asked "are you still in the what ifs? What if I'd picked up the phone, what if I'd done....have you been able to make peace with the fact you did everything you could do?"

In words which I think were the most poignant of the entire interview Marie said "I think there's always what ifs. I think if you live in what ifs you stop living. And I have to put it in God's hands because I have other children that I have to be strong for."

(Image of Marie Osmond and Jonathan Roberts on ABC's Dancing With The Stores - - All rights Reserved)

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