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Peter Andre Upset As Ex-wife Straightens Daughter's Natural Curly Hair

Peter James Andre (born 27 February 1973) is a singer-songwriter, television personality and businessman. He was born in the United Kingdom to Greek Cypriot parents and raised in Australia. From the 2000s he has been a resident of the United Kingdom.

(Image of Peter Andre with naturally curly haired daughter Princess - DC Media - All Rights Reserved)

He had a successful career in music, achieving four top 10 UK albums and ten top 10 singles.  He is expected to perform at the nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Famously married to Katie Price after meeting on a reality TV show I'm A Celebrity Get Me Outta Here in 2005, the couple had two children (Junior and Princess) before divorcing in 2009.  Katie Price is famous for being famous, but has managed to amass a large fortune.

Now Peter has been venting to the media via his New! magazine column about the fact that his famous ex-wife, Katie Price, has had their daughter's hair straightened.  Princess Tiaam Andre is known for having very wild, naturally curly blonde hair.  She was photographed with stick straight strands during a trip to a Soho, London, hair salon with her famous mother.

It appears that Andre's daughter's hair was straightened with hot irons rather than chemicals.  The last time his daughter's hair was straightened he spoke out to the media and said the he would prefer his ex wait until his daughter was older before having her hair straightened.

In New! Andre said "'There was a photo in the papers of Princess and her mum and my daughter clearly had her hair straightened. In my opinion, a three-year-old child shouldn't have her lovely hair straightened.  If she wants to do it when she's older that's fine. I'd prefer it if her lovely curls were left"  all natural.

Hair experts have warned children's hair and scalps are more delicate and more prone to damage than adults so if straightening irons are used, they should be at very low temperatures.

Fallout Over Daughter's Curly Hair

Ironically Andre and Price had a public falling out over their daughter's natural curls about a year ago.  Andre let his hairdresser brother Michael give the three-year old a trim.

Price, who is known for her modeling career was furious and took her anger to Twitter.  She blasted her ex-husband and tweeted "Can't believe that when I got kids back, Princess comes back with her hair all cut short. Soo out of order."  She then added: "Pete's brother has cut Princess's hair off. Can't put it in a ponytail. Why would they do that? To prove what point?"

Defending Decision To Trim His Daughter's Hair

Andre told OK! magazine a few weeks later: "That was the most pathetic thing to get brought out into the public domain. It was a trim off the ends of her hair, for God's sake. It was so pathetic. My daughter's hair needed a trim, what's the problem?"

Andre told OK! "The truth is, Princess had come to me a few times with hair straightened by straightening irons, which used to annoy me, so I had to get it trimmed."

Katie Price Admitted Straightening Toddler's Curls

In an interview in November 2009, Katie Price admitted using hair straighteners on her toddler's delicate hair. She said: "She has naturally curly blonde hair which I straightened recently and it didn't look good - she looked like a little troll."   Footage of Price straightening Princess's hair then appeared in a February 2010 episode of her ITV2 reality show What Katie Did Next.

This whole drama is wrong on so many fronts.  Not only is Princess receiving the message that her mother hates her natural curls, she is being used as a pawn between her fighting parents undermining her self-esteem.  Taking the whole mess to the press is even worse since Princess will certainly be able to read about the feud over her hair after she grows up.


Using hot iron on a little girl's hair can not only damage delicate strands, it can actually hurt her.  Hopefully the irons being used are at a very low heat so as not to burn her scalp.  It's unfortunately this little girl is not allowed to enjoy her childhood and feel loved regardless of having natural curls.

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