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Barbara Walters Shares About Daughter Issues

On The View today the topic turned to mothers and daughters and how they can cause pain and heartache.  Whoopi Goldberg, who I love so much, was talking about the problems she had in the past with her daughter and how she could be "bonehead" when she was growing up.

(Image of Barbara Walters - The View -

She said the great thing about her daughter is that now that she is all grown up, they are close.  Also, her daughter has three children of her own and according to Whoopi is always saying to her mom "I get it."

Barbara also talked about problems she had with her daughter and said she was grateful for two things when her daughter was growing up.  Those two things?

Barbara said her daughter never said at any time:

1.  I hate you

2.  You're not my real mother

Barbara pointed out that her daughter is adopted and it's not uncommon for adopted children to throw that in their adopted parent's faces.  In the case of her daughter who gave her lots of problems they are now very close.

The reason for the discussion about problems with mothers and daughters was as a prelude to the appearance of Tori Spelling.

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