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Hair Extensions Are More Popular Than Ever


Expectant Mom Jessica Simpson

Hair extensions are more popular than ever. Expectant mom Jessica Simpson has balanced her growing bump with long lush hair extensions, both fusion and clip-ins. All of the Kardashian sisters are also known to rock hair extensions.

In fact, the list of celebrities, both male and female, who wear extensions is endless.

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While it's true hair extensions come and go in hair fashion, right now they're a big go. Why? I caught up with hair extension expert Barbara Lhotan,a celebrity hair consultant for Dallas based

A senior educator and platform artist with Paul Mitchell Systems, Barbara was one of the early adopters of Great Lengths semi-perm fusion style human hair extension systems.

She has been in great demand for over ten years for her extension knowledge and expertise working with a wide range of clients.

Jessica Simpson on NBC's Fashion Star

Barbara reported" it's not a coincidence celebs are rocking the add-on hair trend."

She noted "hair extensions, are always most popular at the end of Summer as we move into Fall" because it's "the best time of the year to have them added."

Why? When applied properly by an expert utilizing the highest quality of human hair, extensions can last anywhere from two to four months taking the new hairstyle all the way through a major hair season.

In some cases with exceptional care, fusion style add-on hair can last up to five months. Of course that's the exception rather than the rule.

Hair Extensions Are Less Popular During Summertime

Barbara explained "summertime is just too hot for a lot of people to have long luscious locks."

She noted "a lot of people go casual with their tresses during vacation time, but crave a more chic, formal and finished look for other times, which hair extensions can instantly provide."

Jessica Simpson on Style Star

Since big hair, braids, knots and buns are in the 2012 hair fashion forecast, Barbara said "long hair extensions give everyone a myriad of styling options they might not have with their own natural tresses."

Barbara, who visits clients in Dallas on a regular basis said clients with "hair ravaged by sun, surf and sand will often get the damaged ends removed, have their highlights and low lights retouched and then finish with gorgeous human hair extensions."

She said "once the extensions are added their hair is good to go, in the majority of cases for quite some time. Their hair looks long, lush and can be easily styled up, down or somewhere in between.


Will hair extensions continue to be a trend for 2012?

Barbara believes we will definitely see "more celebrities than ever showcasing extensions in order to wear hot new hair styles on the Red Carpet." For more information on hair extensions visit

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