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The View Broadcasts From Walt Disney Studios

All the women from The View....Barbara Walters, Whoopi, Joy, Sheri and Elisabeth have taken their show on the road.

(Image of The View - Walt Disney Studios -

Today (March 12, 2009) they are broadcasting from The Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, California.

Whoopi is celebrating the event of the live broadcast at Walt Disney, in front of a live audience, by wearing Mickey Mouse ears and a matching t-shirt.  The ladies all remembered their favorite Walt Disney cartoon characters, movies and related cartoons.

Joy said she remembered the movie with Bambi which was upsetting because Bambi's mom dies and it was scary. Elisabeth pointed out her first was Pinocchio and as a result she never tells a lie because she remembers what happened when you told a lie.

Whoopie talked about taking her grandaughter to Disneyland and how even though her grandaughter is "cooler than the room" she loves taking her to Disneyland because she gets so excited and has a great time. Which Whoopi really enjoys.

All of the women agreed that going to Disneyland is a wonderful thing to enjoy with their kids. The show is being broadcast on a special stage and looks lovely.  If you want a splash of Disney check out The View the rest of this week.

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