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Actress Vanessa Williams - Ugly Betty - Talks About Botox & Working To Be Beautiful


As is the tradition, Barbara Walters had her pre-Oscar interview show. One of her guests was the beautiful and talented Vanessa Williams who does a stunning job as Wilhelmina Slater on ABC’s Ugly Better. During the interview Barbara told the gorgeous star she looked so beautiful and asked for any beauty tips.

Vanessa Williams

Vanessa told Barbara she worked hard to look great including having Botox, (but not too much so she couldn’t smile or have facial expressions), a personal trainer, yoga sessions and a special service that delivered her meals to her on the set of UglyBetty to help her avoid temptation. She confirmed what so many of us already know, being gorgeous takes a lot of work.

Vanessa also told Barbara there wasn’t anyone she didn’t know who hadn’t had Botox because it was such a great option which did not require surgery but worked so well. I for one thought her honesty about Botox was so refreshing. We all know that the beauties in Hollywood partake of the syringe but Vanessa didn’t try to minimize what she goes through for her profession and to maintain her beauty.

Besides discussing her use of Botox and other beauty aids, Vanessa told Barbara she is still great friends with both of her ex-husbands who both stayed with her in her home recently. Obviously this lovely and talented actress is very down to earth. And yes, her hair looked beautiful pulled back off her face into a soft rolled chignon which nestled against the back of her neck.

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