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Taylor Swift Hated Her Natural Curls

Taylor Swift Hated Her Natural Curls Taylor Swift With Matt Lauer - 2009 - NBC

The superstar told Twist Magazine a big secret about her hair growing up.  Taylor Swift hated her natural curls.

Taylor told Twist Magazine when she was in middle school, all the most popular girls had stick-straight strands.

Taylor Swift Has Naturally Curly Hair

On the other hand, Taylor had highly textured hair, which was bursting with lots of curls and waves.

Tay told Twist, "my hair's naturally really curly."

Obviously, the fact all the popular girls in her school had bone-straight hair posed a big challenge for the singer/songwriter.

She felt left out in school because of her hair.

Taylor Fought Her Big Luscious Hair Loops

Taylor decided to fight her big luscious loops and straighten her hair to fit in with the popular girls and their straight tresses.

The star, who is now famous for her natural hair texture, felt she needed to hide her curls back when she was in school in order to fit in.

Taylor Swift Hated Her Natural Curls Taylor Swift & Al Roker On NBC Today Show - NBC

She embarked on a hair straightening mission and worked hard to eliminate her natural curls.

Taylor confessed to Twist that she spent an hour or more straightening her hair before going to school.

Eventually, all the time she spent on straightening her hair began to wear on Taylor.

Besides all the time and energy she had to spend fighting her natural curls, she didn't feel cool or confident with straight strands.

Finally, a light went off in her head, and Taylor realized she should embrace her natural waves, coils, and curls.  She stopped straightening her hair and learned to love her curls.  She embraced her texture with gusto.

Ironically many of Taylor's fans, known as Swifties (or Swifty) worldwide, have been inspired by Tay's amazing hair texture, and they have learned to embrace their own.

Appreciation for Clean Classic Hairstyles

Taylor Swift Hated Her Natural Curls Taylor Swift 2007 AMA Awards - November 22, 2022

Hairstylist Jemma Muradian who has styled Taylor's natural curls, told the media the star never wants her hairstyle to compete with the fashions she wears

The blonde beauty wants her hair to work in harmony with her outfits.  She gets her inspiration for her hairstyles from her wardrobe.

Taylor likes clean, classic looks and enjoys wearing her natural curls in an array of styles that work in harmony with her make-up and her clothing.

Summary - Taylor Swift Hated Her Natural Curls

As Taylor came to learn, embracing your own natural hair type and texture will ultimately infuse you with lots of confidence and individuality.

Feeling comfortable in your own skin and with your own hair is the ultimate way to feel confident and amazing.

Taylor Swift hated her natural curls in the past, but now she loves and appreciates them.

Best Wishes.

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