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8 Reasons Taylor Swift Shouldn't Wear Straight Hair

Introduction - 8 Reasons Taylor Swift Shouldn't Wear Straight Hair

Taylor Swift On Cover of Vogue - February 2012 Taylor Swift On Cover of Vogue - February 2012

The famous naturally textured hair songbird was spotted at Capital FM's Summertime Ball in London on June 9th with stick straight straights and a blunt cut fringe which drapes across her entire forehead.

Her current stick straight hair is a modern take on 1960s stick straight strands with full bangs.  Of course everyone from Taylor to her fans, hairstylists and professional advisers have their opinion on whether Taylor should go curly or straight.

Opinion polls have shown the majority of her fans prefer her tresses coiffed in ringlets and coils.

Listed below are 8 reasons Taylor Swift shouldn't wear straight hair.

1.  Her straight hair doesn't sell magazines like Vogue. 

Yes, we know, she reportedly let Vogue Magazine cut bangs into her natural curls for her February 2012 cover issue.  A blunt fringe and natural curls don't mix.  As a result Taylor's eyebrow covering bangs don't look soft, natural or anything like the curly haired beauty all of her fans adore.

Ironically a report by Women's Wear Daily revealed Taylor's Vogue cover was outsold by a very large degree by Lady Gaga whose cover appearance moved almost double the number of copies.

Was it Taylor's stick straight strands which resulted in the slow sales?  Good question.

Taylor Swift With Spiral Curls Taylor Swift With Spiral Curls

2.  Going straight is waging war against her amazing natural spectacular ringlets.

Whenever anyone adopts hairstyles which are in direct opposition to their natural textures, they are fighting an uphill battle.  When Taylor wears her hair straight instead of her natural textures, she has to fight harder against frizz.

She also have to keep that fringe from shrinking and misbehaving.

3.  She disappoints fans who love her natural textures. 

A 2010 survey on found that 62% of the respondents preferred Taylor's hair curly with only 21% voting for straight.  The remaining 17% claimed to have no preference which may or may not be true.

Usually fans are very opinionated about their music stars and how they wear their tresses.

4.  Her natural ringlets are iconic.

When Taylor first burst into the public eye she was instantly noteworthy for her amazing head of bouncy, shiny blonde curls.   Most insiders note that Taylor has natural textured hair which is transformed into spectacular Botticelli curls with a little help from a curling iron.

Even still, her natural texture made her stand out to the fans and gave her a special edge that all the other music stars with carbon copy blondes with long tresses.

Taylor Swift With Lots of Curls & Waves Taylor Swift With Lots of Curls & Waves

The times Taylor goes straight she loses her special uniqueness and signature style.

5.  Going straight makes her hair look thin and flat.

Removing the texture from naturally curly or wurly hair often compresses the strands so they looks flat and even lank.  When Taylor wears her hair straightened her hair falls into face hugging panels which emphasize all of her facial flaws.

Taylor's face shape looks better with full bouncy spirals than bone straight strands.

6.  Taylor sends the wrong message to young people about embracing their natural hair textures.

There's no question the curly haired beauty has legions of young fans who copy her hair color and styles.  When Taylor ditches her naturally beautiful texture for stick straight strands she sends the message it's okay to ditch your natural hair.

7.  Going straight requires the use of hot styling tools which may damage her natural ringlets.

Naturally textured hair like Taylor's is more fragile and prone to damage from hot blow dryers and hots which may leave her beautiful tresses parched and dehydrated.   Naturally textured tresses needs lots of hydration and minimal use of hot styling tools.

While insider reports

8.  Straight hair instantly ages Taylor and telegraphs a more serious image.

Taylor's natural curls shimmer, shake and bounce when she performs.  Her natural texture sends a sassy, playful message.  Where her hair is worn straight she instantly appears older, more serious and less playful.

Summary - 8 Reasons Taylor Swift Shouldn't Wear Straight Hair

Should Taylor Swift wear her hair naturally textured with ringlets, coils and curls? Or bone straight?  A very good question indeed.

Ultimately the decision should be left up to Taylor.  After all, it's her hair and she probably likes to change it up from time to time.    What do you think?

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