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Trend For Straight Hair Eclipsed By Desire For Taylor Swift Style Curls

Trend For Straight Hair Eclipsed By Desire For Taylor Swift Style Curls

Who knows better than plastic surgeons what their clients want to emulate when they have a little work done?  Case in point is Pippa Middleton's booty which has shot to the top of the most requested list after the Maid of Honor at the recent Royal Wedding rocked a form fitting gown.

According to the New York Post, Beverly Hills plastic surgeons, Dr. Richard Fleming and Dr. Toby Mayer surveyed more than 1,200 of their current and former patients to discover the celebrity's with the most desirable and ideal features.

Why celebrities?  Dr. Fleming reports that “almost every single one” of his patients references a celebrity when they come to his office for a consultation, and the number one procedure they ask for is rhinoplasty.

Based on the feedback they received, the two esteemed plastic surgeons created a snapshot of women's favorite star body parts.  They also included the ideal celebrity hair type, texture and style.

One of the most shocking trends was the request for Taylor Swift‘s hair. In a sign that the trend for straight, blown-out hair, like Kim Kardashian‘s may be on the way out, the majority of women surveyed wanted Taylor’s curly look.

The two famous Beverly Hills plastic surgeons say that the ultimate woman would have Anne Hathaway's eyes, Scarlett Johansson's lips, January Jones' cheeks, Halle Berry's jawline and Natalie Portman's nose.

Taylor Swift's Curly Hair

And yes, Taylor Swift's curly hair.   Pippa's booty was not included, but since this list was created before she made her famous stroll down the aisle on behalf of her famous sister Kate she will probably pop up on the next composite.  Also heavily requested is Penelope Cruz's body.

Note: Image of Taylor with stick straight hair is no longer as popular as her hair worn naturally textured as shown as above.

Although popular in the past for their features, Angelina Jolie's lips and Pam Anderson's inflated, super-fake breasts are no longer included.  More popular are Scarlett's lips and Jennifer Aniston and Beyonce's smaller, more natural-looking breasts. Another popular request is Katy Perry's skin.

Of course this celebrity composite is good news for people with naturally curly and textured hair since Taylor's natural curls is the most popular hairstyle desired by those looking to emulate a celebrity.  Also, smaller and more natural breasts is good news for women who don't want to deal with large uncomfortable versions.

Put those straightening irons away and pull out those curling irons.

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