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Hairstyles How To - Taylor Swift

Hairstyles How To - Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift With Faux Bob Hairstyle - 2009 CMA Awards

Taylor Swift is almost as famous for her naturally curly blonde tresses as she is for her award-winning performances.

The beautiful star often switches her long blonde tresses from up to down and back up again, all in one evening.

Taylor demonstrated her hairstyle versatility at the 2009 Country Music Awards (CMA) as her hair transitioned easily from Red Carpet glam to laid-back rocker chic.

Hairstyles How To - Step By Step

One of the perks of being a world-class country rocker is having some of the best hairstylists on speed dial.  Jemma Muradian was Taylor's hairstylist at the 2009 CMAs.

Muradian told the media that Taylor worked with her before the show to decide on her different hairstyles.

Muradian reported she spent close to one hour creating the curl-infused soft updo Taylor showcased on the Red Carpet.

Curl Infused Soft Red Carpet Updo

Copy Taylor's Red Carpet Updo, Complete The Following Steps:

2009 CMA Awards - Taylor Swift - ABC - CMA

1.  Start with newly cleansed and towel-blotted hair.  It's best if the hair has been detangled in the shower.  Create desired side part.

2.  Apply a texture-enhancing styling cocktail to amp up waves or soft curls.  Your styling cocktail may include, but not be limited to a styling cream, defristant, and a styling mousse.

3.  If hair is naturally curly or wavy, dry it with a long-finger diffuser to amp up the waves.  If hair is naturally straight, separate it into individual 2" horizontal sections with a round brush and blow dryer.

4.  After hair is 100% dry, use a 1" barrel curling iron on each 2" section and roll into a ringlet style curl approximately 2" from the scalp down to the ends.

5.  After releasing the iron, roll it around your fingers and then pin it to your scalp to allow the new curl to cool and set.

6.  After the entire head has been curled, pinned, and cooled, unpin each section individually.  Loosen the curls by bending over at the waist and shaking your hair gently.  Brush curls out with fingers.

7.  Separate hair into three large sections.  Roll the back section up underneath itself to create a faux bob.  Use a large bobby pin to secure the hair roll in the same color as your hair.  Repeat this action on both sides of the head.

Taylor Swift performing at 2009 CMA Awards - ABC - CMA Awards

8.  When finished, the entire head would be rolled up in a faux bob embellished with ringlets.  Finish by spraying the entire head with shine-enhancing hairspray.

Curl Infused Soft Long Waves

When Taylor took the CMA stage to perform, she was wearing her long blonde hair style in lush waves and curls.

Copy Taylor's Performance Hairstyle.  Complete The Following Steps:

1.  Remove the three large bobby pins holding the faux bob hairstyle in place under the hair rolls.

2.  Bend over at the waist and gently shake out hair.

3.  Stand up and bend back over at the waist and gently tousle and fluff out the curls.

4.  Refresh any of the curls with a hot iron.

5.  Arrange with your fingers before finishing with hairspray.


By starting with her hair pinned up into a ringlet-infused faux, it was easy for her hair team to instantly change up Taylor's look.

They unpinned her faux bob and instantly transformed Taylor's strands into a cascade of lush waves and curls.  The long curls and waves were part of Taylor's signature hair style.

Her hair was definitely award-winning all night long.

Best wishes.

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