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Jennifer Aniston's Overgrown Bangs Can Be A Good Thing

I was laying on my acupuncturist's table yesterday covered in needles to fight a virus.  My wonderful Chinese doctor, Marley & Me, inquired if I was working too hard?  It's his long held theory my overworking causes me to get sick on a regular basis.

(Image of Jennifer Aniston from Marley & Me Premiere - - All Rights Reserved)

I mumbled an affirmative to his probing question since I hate to tell a lie.  He shook his head and scolded "you need to not work so much."

My sweet guy, who insisted upon accompanying me to my appointment, rolled his eyes.  He said to Dr. Bai "getting her to stop working is like getting a river to change it's course".

Or course I burst out laughing because he's totally got my number.  I also had to stifle a scream when I caught a glimpse of my overgrown bangs in the treatment room mirror.  My fringe was sticking straight up and flopping to one side from laying on my stomach with acupunture needles in my back.

A spritz of water got my unruly fringe temporarily under control.  As I was fighting my fringe I remembered a clipping I had saved about Jennifer Aniston's overgrown bangs.  It seems when her famous hair stylist Chris McMillan was coiffing her hair for the film premiere of Twitter her previously cut fringe had grown out.

The famous stylist explained to Allure Magazine "for the movie, I had cut bangs on Jennifer, and by the time the premiere came around, they were growing out, so she had these sexy long layers around her face."

McMillian explained "I blew out her hair and tucked it behind her ears as it cooled so it didn't feather. It worked well with that little Valentino dress she wore, because it wasn't overdone. She loved her hair that night and still uses this picture as a reference for other stylists."

Wow.  So having my overgrown bangs could be a really good thing.  Especially if I had the same LBD by Valentino Jen showcased on the Red Carpet.

Although I don't have any Valentino gowns anywhere in my closet, I do share Jennifer's basic hair texture and type.  Jen is known to have naturally wavy hair which tends to be coarse and naturally dry.  She also have a slight amount of curl intermingled throughout her waves.

Whenever I look at photos of Jen the first thing I search for is how she's wearing her fringe.  Although I personally think she looks great with side swept fringes, she does seem to prefer to wear them slightly grown out as layers around her face or even pulled up and back from her hairline with a series of small hair clips, barettes and bobbies.

The blonde superstar has even had her front fringe area braided up and off her face as shown to the side.

(Image of Jennifer Aniston - - All Rights Reserved)

Although growing out bangs can sometimes be an ongoing annoyance, if you keep in mind that one of Jennifer's favorite hair styles is with a long grown out fringe, there really is a silver lining to every hair cloud.

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