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Jennifer Aniston's Hair - Marley & Me

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Aquarian Jennifer Aniston graced the Red Carpet on December 11, 2008, with her Marley & Me (M&M) co-star, Owen Wilson.

The Marley & Me film was released on Christmas Day 2008.  The film was based on the book by the same name.

Marley & Me chronicles the true story of a young couple (John and Jenny Grogan) who develop a long and special relationship with each other and with their Yellow Lab puppy, Marley.

Jennifer Aniston Loved Her Role In The Film

Besides smiling brightly and waving to her adoring fans on the Red Carpet, Jennifer has been making the talk show rounds.   She helped to promote the film, which received great reviews. Jen appeared on Letterman to plug the film.

Marley & Me - Movie Premiere - 2008

As always, Jen's below-her-shoulder-length hair for her various Marley & Me visits looked shiny, silky, and polished.

Of course, it doesn't hurt to have an amazing celebrity hairdresser, Chris McMillan, who the actress has been working with since Friends.

McMillian has been taking care of her hair since the days of the Rachel Green haircut.

Jennifer Aniston's Honey Colored Hair

Jennifer's gorgeous honey-colored hair has precision-placed highlights and lowlights, and she's been wearing it mostly straight with a hint of a slight wave to honor her own natural texture (wavy).

The actress actually had a different hairdresser during the filming of Marley & Me by the name of Kelsie Gigandet.

Donning A Series Of Wigs, Hair Pieces, And Clip-in Bangs

Owen Wilson and Jennifer Anison On Marley & Me - Movie Poster - 2008

Because of the passage of 14 years during the course of Marley's life, Jen's hair had to be styled with a series of wigs, hair extensions, and an add-on set of bangs.

All of those different hair pieces were designed to make her look younger.  Then to help age her as the movie progressed.

Jennifer's makeup artist for the film was Angela Levin.

The actress has a history of being pregnant in her various movies, and this movie was no exception.

During the course of the movie, her character is pregnant, and the Grogan family grows.

Jennifer's Love Of Dogs Was Clear In The Film

Jennifer told the media she wanted to play the role of Jenny Grogan because of the "ongoing relationship between the Grograns."

She also confessed to being comfortable around the 22 Yellow Lab puppies and dogs used to film Marley (at different stages in his life).

Jennifer Aniston on David Letterman - 2008

Everyone knows that Jennifer adores her own dog Norman, a beautiful corgi-terrier mix.

The hardest part for Jennifer with the M&M role? She told the media. "Physically, I had to show the passage of time."

Best wishes to all.

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