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Jennifer Aniston Knows The Lips Of Men She's Kissed

Jennifer Aniston, looking gorgeous with long silky shiny caramel hued blonde tresses appeared recently on Ellen's daytime show to talk about a variety of topics including her Premiere of 'Love Happens' in which she co-stars with Aaron Eckhart.

(Image of Jennifer Aniston - Love Happens - All Rights Reserved - 2009)

Jennifer and Ellen are friends off screen and it shows.  After a long affectionate hug, Jen and Ellen teased and chatted like two old friends having a latte at the local Starbucks.

They talked about Jen's 40th birthday party, Jen's future acting roles and a bit about her love life. Of course Ellen loves to play games of all sorts and one of the games she played with Jen was to have her name the lips of her former male co-stars.  Afterall, Jen has kissed some pretty hot male co-stars over the years.

First on the list was Owen Wilson from the tearjerker hit Marley And Me.  Jen picked them right away.  Her second set of hot male lips?  Gerald Butler whom she called "Gerry". 

Ellen was delighted with the answer.  She teased Jen and said "we know him as Gerard but if you know him real well you call him Gerry."  Jen, who was fanning herself with a piece of paper smile shyly and said "oh well."

Ellen said "lets see some more lips."  The third set of lips flashed up on the screen for Jen was David Schwimmer.. Her first guess was incorrect and someone from the audience was calling out a name.  Jen said "I don't know who that is" and Ellen said "well someone in the audience must have kissed him because they're calling out his name."  Jen said "ohhhhh, that's David Schwimmer."

Ellen said "that was a hard one."  Jen agreed and said "it's been a longggg time" since she kissed David from the days they were on Friends together.  The next set of lips were from Aaron Eckhart who Jen co-starred with in Ellen also showed Courteney Cox's lips which Jen guessed right away because after all Jen kissed her on Courteney's FX show, Dirt.

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