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Star Says Jen And Justin May Have Married

Jennifer Aniston

In the November 7th edition of Star Magazine, which was waiting on my desk this morning, there is an article with the suggestion that Jen Aniston and her beauty Justin Theroux eloped.  Really?  Is this just more rumors or is there some reality behind this article?

According to Star Magazine Aniston's friends believe the superstar secretly wed Justin Theroux after he finally convinced her to end her bitter 12-year feud with her mother.  Allegedly Jen, who is always in touch with her close friends went MIA for a week, after mentioning their possible elopment.

This would be a completely different type of wedding for the famous blonde who married Brad Pitt in 2000 with a splashy $1 million dollar celebration.

Recently Eva Longoria lashed out at the media for suggesting she was flirting with a newly separated celebrity baller.  She also debunked rumors that she convinced Jessica Simpson to postpone her planned wedding for 11-11-11 because of Eva's superstitions.

I have to wonder if Star has any real juice behind their story of Jen's supposed elopement or if this is just another way to get attention in the media and sell magazine, which have become harder to push these days. 

There is no confirmation or denial from anyone related to Aniston or Theroux regarding Star's  story which is listed on the cover as Exclusive Breaking News.

While being a celebrity has lots of perks it seems that there are a lot more challenges dealing with rumors taken as fact by the tabloids and related media.

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