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Ken Paves & Jessica Simpson Celebrate Hair Success

As I mentioned yesterday in my blog, Mane Man Ken Paves recently coiffed long term best friend and hair muse, Jessica Simpson, for an upcoming 2009 Glamour cover shoot.  The shoot was a major success, looked gorgeous and Ken and Jess went to Nobu for dinner to celebrate.

(Image of Hollywood Hair Guru Kenney Paves behind the scenes at HairDo Photo Shoot - April 2009 at Smashbox Studios in West Hollywood - Photo by Karen Marie Shelton - - all Rights Reserved).

False Reporting Of Reasons For Jessica Working With Oribe

The two best friends were falsely reported a few weeks ago as being on the outs when Jessica had her hair styled by celebrity hairdresser Oribe for a Vanity Fair cover shoot.

When I first heard the scoop I suspected it was all hogwash but decided to get the scoop straight from Kenney. I asked my long time hairdressing friend, what the real scoop was about the status of his relationship with Jessica and the real truth behind the Vanity Fair shoot. 

One thing about Ken, in all the years I have known him, he has always been straight with me, which I appreciate.

At the time Ken explained all of the media reports were 100% false and the only reason the dynamic duo did not work together on Jess' Vanity Fair shoot was because Ken, an extremely in-demand hairdresser was already booked for a major cover shoot with Jennifer Lopez in Japan at exactly the same time.

(Image of Hollywood Hair Guru Kenney Paves behind the scenes at HairDo Photo Shoot - April 2009 at Smashbox Studios in West Hollywood - Photo by Karen Marie Shelton - - all Rights Reserved).

Ken explained he would have loved to have been able to make it back in time to style Jessica's hair for VF but until they invent a StarTrek transporter, getting from Japan to the US, takes many hours and there was absolutely no way Ken could be physically present for Jess.

Jennifer Lopez And Ken Paves

The magnificent mane man has been working with Jennifer Lopez for many years (remember when he went with her to coif her hair for Tom & Katie's wedding in Italy a few years ago?) and had committed to be in Japan with the superstar before Jessica's Vanity Fair shoot was even finalized.

Always wanting to honor his word, Ken could not be available for Jess, who completely understood.

There were absolutely no bad feelings between Ken and Jessica, they did not "break up" as the tabloids might have tried to indicate and the two best friends worked together again for the recent Glamour shoot, which I blogged about yesterday.

OK Magazine Reports On New Line of HairDo Clip-In Bangs

In addition, as reported by OK Magazine, Ken and Jessica have collaborated on new clip-in bangs for their HairDo collection.  When I was in LA recently with Ken I attended a photo shoot where a parade of 26+ different models were photographed wearing the clip-in bangs for the new HairDo campaign.  The bangs are stunning.  It's almost impossible to believe they are clip-ins.  Seriously, they had me fooled.

Although I was not able to see Jessica when I was in LA because of scheduling conflicts (gee, what a shock that scheduling can be difficult with celebs?), she and Ken actually did an all-day shoot for the new HairDo clip-in bangs and afterwards had dinner with Ken's mom Helen to celebrate their ongoing successful collaboration on HairDo and other projects the best friends have in the works for the future.

Actually Ken and Jessica have a long list of upcoming projects they will be working on and I suspect the duo will remain best friends forever.

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