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Jennifer Hudson Has Dogs Named Oscar, Grammy And Dream Girl

Looking smokin' hot with a medium length layered bob, Jennifer Hudson recently appeared on Oprah to chat with her about her performance at the SuperBowl.

She was wearing what appeared to be tight black leather pants with a gorgeous top and jacket, a large signature necklace and matching earrings.  Jennifer had side-swept bangs cascading off a deep side part with lots of sassy volume.  Her hair was literally shinning and appeared to have mahogany highlights.

Oprah pointed out that "98 million people saw" Jennifer's performance singing the National Anthem.  Oprah said "the only reason I went to a SuperBowl party this year was to see Jennifer Hudson sing the National Anthem and then after that i grabbed my peanuts and went on home."

(Image of Jennifer Hudson -40th NAACP Image Awards Press Room - 02-12-09 - - All Rights Reserved).

Wow, were you nervous there?  Jennifer said "that mean's everybody watched it?  If you watched it, everybody watched it."  Oprah asked if she was "nervous?" Jennifer said "actually there was too much going on for me to take it in so I was just like whatever and just zoned out."

Oprah said "I thought your outfit was perfect too.  It was just the right combination." Jennifer said "it was comfortable." Oprah wanted to know if " she ever worries about hitting that last note when she get to the Home Of The Brave?"

It was interesting what she told Oprah.  Jennifer said "to me the biggest notes and the longest notes are the easiest notes" so for me I'm really not worried about it, its just like I'm glad that I made it to the end of the song.  That's how I am, I'm like OK I got this now...I'm going home. Going home now."

(Image of Jennifer Hudson - 51st Annual Grammy Awards Arrivals - 02-08-09 - - All Rights Reserved).

Jennifer Had Surreal Experience At Grammy Awards

Oprah then talked about Jennifer's show stopping performance at the Grammy Awards two weeks ago and then showed a clip of the gorgeous Jennifer in a black sequined gown singing her heart out.  It was definitely a moving performance if you did not have the chance to see it.  Oprah told the audience that her new CD called Simply Jennifer Hudson won best R&B album.

Oprah looked at Jennifer and said "everybody was cheering when Whitney Houston announced your name.  Now that must have been outta body.  Haven't you been dreaming of that moment?"

Jennifer Created Duets With Whitney Houston When She Was A Child

The singer said "oh my god yes I used to create duets with Whitney's records and myself and then I would stand and look in the mirror and practice my Grammy speech."

The songbird said "as soon as she stepped out on the stage I lost it, that's when I got emotional and I was ....oh my god that's Whitney Houston and it was surreal almost like surpassed winning the Grammy for me, seeing Whitney Houston and then her presenting it to me was like unbelievable."

(Image of Jennifer Hudson - 51st Annual Grammy Awards Arrivals - 02-08-09 - - All Rights Reserved).

Oprah said "so you had not planned as a child to win an Oscar.  So now you have an Oscar now and a Grammy."  Jennifer agreed "an Oscar and a Grammy, yes I do."

Jennifer Hudson Has A Dog Named Oscar

Oprah said "so cool, and do you happen to have them in the same place?"  Jennifer said "yes I have a piano in my house and so on the right side of the room is the Oscar on its own stand with a picture of me and my dog Oscar and then on the right a picture of me and Whitney Houston and I just added Beyonce and I am going to put my Grammy on that wall."

Jennifer told Oprah she had a dog named Oscar, a dog named Grammy and a dog named Dream Girl.  A photo of Jennifer holding her three beautiful dogs was shown to the audience and was on the screen.  They were adorable.

She is also engaged to David and Jennifer told Oprah he is "doing good" and had to "pry the dogs apart last night."  She said her finance is "good, really good, working and making plans for us." She said he told her "I want you to have fun and enjoy yourself so I'm making plans right now."

(Jennifer Hudson - at the Salute To Icons Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Gala. Beverly Hilton Hotel, Beverly Hills, CA. 02-07-09 - - All Rights Reserved).

Work Is Therapy For Jennifer

Oprah asked how Jennifer is doing (in light of the tragedies to her family).  The stunning singer said "I'm good, I'm really, I'm glad to be back to work and doing what I love to do.  It's like therapy."

Oprah asked if she was in a good place.  Jennifer said "I'm in a very good place and I pray every morning." Oprah said she's in such a good place she's going to sing her favorite song from her Grammy winning CD - If This Isn't Love.  Jennifer sang and as always her voice was gorgeous.

Jennifer has transformed so much since she was on American Idol at times I can't believe its her.  She's lost so much weight, shaped up her body (obviously working out at the health club) and her fashion sense has become so fine tuned.  Yes, I'm sure she has stylists to help her but she still looks fabulous.  She has truely become a swan.

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