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Hair Poisoned By Friends


Emma Watson With Short Feathered Pixie Haircut

Emma Watson

The March 2012 issue of Glamour Magazine highlighted a study which shows your friends may be bad for your health. The study shows that 32 percent of young women end friendships because of that reason.

While it's a known fact that some friendship can be bad for your health, can it also poison your hair? Absolutely.

How you may ask? We hang with our friends, share our deepest secrets, rely on them during any crisis and ask their advice.

Everything from how we wear our hair, what salon we visit and the hairstylist we trust is shared with friends.

Bad Hair Decisions

Have you ever drastically changed the length, color, style or texture of your hair because of your friends, their suggestions, influence or pressure?

Did you go with a pixie cut because all your friends were following Emma Watson's lead? Or dye your hair platinum blonde to channel the Lady Gaga look your friends were rocking?

Did you chemically straighten your natural curls because all of your friends love sleek straight strands like Jennifer Aniston? Or did you become addicted to a hair damaging flat iron because all your friends are already addicted to hot ironing their strands?

Friends can strongly influence some or all of our decisions about our hair to such an extent that we make bad color, chemical or styling decisions which poisons our hair indefinitely, if not permanently.

Michelle Williams With Short Side-Swept Platinum Pixie Haircut

Michelle Williams

Catching Bad Hair Habits From Your Friends

Can you catch bad hair habits from your friends? Absolutely.

On the flip side, friends can also be a positive influence on your hair. If you're unhappy with the health of your hair or the direction you're moving look for people with the type of hair you aspire to have.

Do you long to love your natural texture and let it flow free? If so, look for groups of people who cherish their tresses and nurture their curls and waves.

If your friends discourage you from walking on a hair path you truly desire, have a heartfelt talk with them about your hair goals. If your friends respect your decisions to follow your own path, you're in great company.

If not, you have to decide what is the best action to take for you and your hair.

See out a group of sincerely supportive people and friends who will always be there for you but not ever encourage you to take actions which will poison your hair, your image or yourself in any way.

Develop Strong Friendships With People Who Don't Judge Your Hair

Erika Van Peldt After Drastic Short Hair Cut And Color On American Idol S11

Erika Van Peldt Aftert Hair Change American Idol 11

Besides encouraging you to drastically alter your natural hair color, texture, length or style, friends can also encourage you to drink too much, take drugs or get involved in other dangerous activities.

While studies have shown that strong friendships boost your changed of living a longer life by 50 percent, make sure that you select friends who are truly supportive of you, your lifestyle, your appearance and of course your health.

Researchers from the University of Virginia took students wearing heavy backpacks to the base of a hill and asked them to estimate how steep it was. Students who were with a friend guessed the hill to be less intimating and high than those without a friends.

Erika Van Peldt Before Drastic Short Hair Cut And Color On American Idol S11

Erika Van Peldt Before Hair Change American Idol 11

Studies also show that people with supportive friends sleep and manage stress better as well as bounce back much faster from disease.

The key word is supportive. Which is why you need friends who support you to follow your own hair length, color, styles and long term goals.


Taking the wrong path with your hair can result in long term damage which may be very expensive to reverse, if it's not permanent.

Before you succumb to pressure from friends to drastically color or alter your tresses, stop and think about what the long term ramifications might be. When in doubt follow your own heart and honor your own hair goals. In the end it could save you from dealing with hair poison.

Original Publication Date: 03/31/12 - Revised Publication Date: 03/31/12

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