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Jessica Alba Says 20 Month Old Daughter Now Fond Of Saying 'No'

Ellen welcomed Jessica Alba to her show today as a guest.  She reminded Jessica, who was wearing a very short skirt and a dark brown medium length bob hairstyle that the last time she was on the show she "the last time you were here you were due very soon.  You were about ready to pop.  Right?"

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Jessica said "Yeah, I was."  Ellen said "I believe we have a picture.  You were gigantic at the time"  Jessica "I was" and then Ellen showed a photo of Jessica the last time she was on the show.

Ellen said "I was trying to guess the sex of your baby.  You didn't know if it was a boy or girl did you?"  Jessica "I knew but you didn't know."

Ellen "and I guessed" Jessica "You did."  A tape of Ellen spinning a charm to determine the sex of Jessica's baby was replayed and Ellen guessed a girl.  She was right.

Jessica was talking about her daughter who is "20 months now".  Ellen showed a photo of Jessica's daughter.  Ellen said "come on, that's ridiculously cute."  Jessica "we just started doing the pigtail (her daughter was wearing pigtails) and she said "that's how she normally looks."

Ellen "how is she?  Is she a good baby?"  Jessica "She's awesome, but she's incredibly independent already."  Ellen "like at what age did she start getting independent?"  Jessica "about three months ago she started using the word 'no' on a regular basis.  Especially when I tell her to eat her food.  As you can tell, she loves, eating, but now I have to say 'don't eat your vegetables'.  I have to use reverse psychology on my 20 month old.  It's crazy, it's totally crazy."

Jessica continued "I didn't know that started so soon. I thought that started like when she was three or something.  But yeah."

Ellen "Now do you find she's like a version of you?  You hear about that all the time 'I got me exactly.' so you're up against yourself."

Jessica "My mom said 'all the grief you gave me is going to come back to you tenfold.  And she's kinda right."

Ellen mentioned that Jessica had gotten married shortly after and asked "how's Cash as a dad?"

Jessica "He's amazing.  He's super hands on.  He's already getting her to watch football on Sundays, but he'll play dolls while they're watching football.  She's got football, dolls.  Readings books.  Yeah."

Ellen "Are you going to do something special for Valentine's Day because you were in the movie you have a lot of pressure to do something."

Jessica "I know, and it's become a big pressure to do something and it's this thing because it's Valentine's Day and it's the movie."

Ellen "Have you cared about Valentine's Day up until now?"

Jessica "Yeah.  I like Valentine's.  I get to go on a date with my husband which doesn't happen all the time.  So that's the one thing I really look forward to.  Going on a date with him sometime.  But we don't have anything planned.  Not right now.  No."

Ellen gave Jessica a baby jumpsuit for Honor for Valentine's Day.  Jessica promised to take a photo of Honor wearing the baby outfit Ellen gave her.

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