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Jessica Simpson Pregnancy Accessory

Jessica Simpson Flaunting Pregnancy

Jessica Simpson Pregnancy Accessory

The media is all abuzz about Jessica Simpson's most recent spotting on the Red Carpet for NBC to promote her upcoming Fashion Star show.  The 31-year-old singer joined Nicole Richie on Friday in California to promote the upcoming new show.

Jessica was later seen stepping out onto the red carpet heading to the NBC after-party.

The big talk is all about how heavily pregnant Jessica has gotten.   The beautiful blonde is using her pregnancy as her #1 fashion accessory.  Jessica appeared at the NBC after party event in a very tight black sequined strapless gown which left nothing to the imagination.

Her only other accessories included gorgeous high studded heels and her engagement ring.  Jessica is famous for wearing very high heels, even to the pool, to add inches to her height.

While some fashion critics applauded her attire and obvious enjoyment of her pregnancy, other critics felt she took her look from classy to trashy.

There is also a lot of speculation about how far along Jessica is.  Although she officially announced her pregnancy on Halloween, she has yet to provide an official due date or the sex of her baby which many believe she has been told.

Jessica Simpson On Halloween 2011

Jessica has been very open about her pregnancy and confessed to the media she liked wearing clothes which showed off her stomach.  She obviously was telling the truth since she has been spotted in an array of very tight fitting clothes since she showcased her pregnancy dressed as a Mummy for Halloween.

Jessica Alba Post-Baby Body Admiration

Recently Jessica took to Twitter to let Jessica Alba know she looked amazing after shedding all her baby weight from her recent second pregnancy.

Jessica Alba responded by expressing how sweet Jessica was to provide compliments on her post-baby body.

Jessica Simpson let her Twitter followers know that she was going to use Jessica Alba as her inspiration to get her body back after she had her baby.

Although there was some initial rumors that the fashion entrepreneur was going to sign with Weight Watchers after having her baby to be paid to shed the weight, this proved to be a false information and neither Simpson's camp or Weight Watchers ever confirmed a deal.

Great Looking Hair

During her pregnancy Jessica has received lots of kudos for her hair which has looked absolutely stunning.  Going even lighter with her trademark California blonde, Jessica's hair is long, lush and shining.  Her beautiful hair and face just add to her total pregnancy glow.

Although it's been indicated that Jessica is due in February, only time will tell when she actually has her baby.  Of course in the meantime look for Jessica to continue to show off her growing baby as she continues to work right up to when she goes into labor.

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