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Tony Romo Announces Pregnancy Of Wife

Tony Romo With Wife

Jessica Simpson's ex is also pregnant.  Well at least his wife is.  Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Tony Romo revealed today (Tuesday, October 25th) that he and his new wife, Candice Crawford (sister of Chace) are expecting their first child in the future.

Romo didn't provide a due date for his new fatherhood, but unexpectedly shared the news of the pregnancy at an anti-drug rally at a local high school.

Some believe Romo let the news slip and it wasn't a plan reveal.  Maybe, may not.  Regardless when asked by a student at the rally if he had any children Romo said "I actually have one on the way," said Romo. "My wife is pregnant."

Romo married the former blonde beauty queen on Memorial Day at a fabulously lavish ceremony in Dallas.

Romo proposed to his wife at her 24th birthday party.  It's surprising to many that Romo let the pregnancy news slip because he's normally very secretive about his life with Crawford.

Romo's relationship with his new wife is said by insiders to be completely different than his relationship with Jessica Simpson.  Ironically Simpson was just featured on the cover of this week's OK! Magazine regarding confirmation of her pregnancy with her finance.

In the past Romo's poor performance was blamed on Simpson but no blame has been place on his new marriage.  At least not yet.  Right.

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