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Mariah Carey, Maroon 5 & Other Celebs Turned Away From Ceremony

Ellen's long time DJ, Tony Okunbowa, recently provided a live report from Washington, D.C. where he was visiting as Ellen's Ambassador for the Presidential Inauguration festivities.

On her show Ellen played a direct feed to Tony who was reporting from the Barak Obama Home States Ball and said "it's swinging, it really is".  Tony said "I think we're awaiting either Vice President Biden or President Barak Obama."  He stopped and then said "sounds really good saying that - President Barak Obama".  Oh gosh.  I can't even explain it".

Tony told Ellen "the vibe (in Washington, D.C.) is incredible, absolutely amazing.  Like people are hugging each other, kissing each other. Strangers.  It's a lot of fun".

Ellen asked Tony where he had been so far and he replied "oh wow.  I went to the Hip Hop Ball, HBO Kick off Concert.  I went to Declare Yourself Ball, Western States Ball. WOW.  I've been all over".  He also said "I did some Ferry Travel, I'll tell you about that in a minute".

Ellen's Commemorative Plates - LL Cool J

Ellen asked if Tony gave away all of her Ellen Commemorative Plates she had made up with her face on them to celebrate the event.  Tony said yes, "he gave away all of her commemorative plates".   Clips were shown of Tony handing out the Ellen plates to John Legend, Rick Shroeder, Jamie Foxx and Maroon 5.

Tony asked LL Cool J - how do you feel - in reference to the Inauguration. LL Cool J said "t's incredible for those that have to see in order to believe this is the ideal moment for them".

He told his boss on camera "LL Cool J promised he would eat BBQed chicken off of it".  The funny lady was thrilled but concerned whether Tony warned LL Cool J not to microwave the plate.  Tony said "I told him that (not to put it in the microwave)".

Ellen then told her audience and Tony "I called in a lot of favors to get you into the swearing in ceremony" because "two million people wanted those credentials for the swearing in ceremony". She continued "I wanted to go of course but I thought you (Tony) would love being there. She also said and "it was easier for me to stay here and work".

Turned Away From Swearing In Ceremony

Tony replied "you were absolutely right.  I am incredibly grateful".  Then he told her the bad news that "we didn't get into the Inauguration Ceremony".  It certainly wasn't because Tony didn't try to get there.

He reported on his journey to try and make it to the ceremonies.  Part of his challenges revolved around the terrible weather conditions in D.C.  Tony said "we stated our journey at 4:30 AM, got on a ferry that was breaking ice on the river cause all the roads were closed down so we couldn't drive." Then "one of the generators (on the ferry) failed so we were in blackness.  We got to the other side.  We walked for four hours and still got turned away from the ceremony".

He said "Maroon 5 was turned away, Mariah Carey was turned away and Jesse Jackson and Samuel L. Jackson didn't get in".  These were just a few of a large number of people who got turned away from the Swearing In Ceremony for the new president.

Tony reported that "even though they (lots of people) got turned away, everyone was still celebrating, it was such a great ceremony".

As always, Ellen did it up right.  Even though she didn't personally attend, she managed to insert her energy into the festivities via Tony, her special plates and other Ellen treats handed out to the crowds.  Even though it was sad Tony couldn't make it into the swearing in ceremony, he took the disappointment well and provided a great capsule view of all the different festivities.

It was a great show with lots of great juicy juice on the happening in Washington, D.C.

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