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Eyebrow Haircolor 101

Eyebrow Haircolor 101

An age-old question about going blonde is whether or not you should match your eyebrows to your hair.  Unfortunately when the hair and brows match there result can be rather strange looking.

Yes, you can easily lighten your brows at home by using Jolen Cream Bleach, but should you?  Maybe not.  Home bleached brows tend to take on a brassy look.  Overly lightened brows may completely fade into your skin.

(Image of Jessica Alba from the movie Fantastic Four with blonde hair and matching eyebrows - DC Media - All Rights Reserved)

According to Damone Roberts, who has shaped brows for beauties ranging from Madonna to Mandy Moore "eyebrows frame the face;  if they're really light, you can't see them-it looks unnatural."

Most beauty experts still rank too-light eyebrows as a beauty blunder.  It can leave even the most gorgeous looking women look like they're from an alien race or have superpowers like Jessica Alba did in Fantastic Four.

In fact, when Jessica Alba went through her blonde hair period back in 2005-2006, she tried out a variety of eyebrows ranging from platinum blonde to a more balanced golden blonde. 

Brow Color 101

Follow the general tips below to avoid eyebrow related beauty blunders:

1.  Whether you are naturally blonde or go blonde with the help of a great hair colorist, you should always have eyebrows which are one or two shades darker then your hair.

2.  If your eyebrows are naturally too light, have them dyed darker or use a great eyebrow pencil to darken appropriately.

3.  When you go blonde from a very dark natural hair color, avoid a drastic contrast between hair and brow.  Ask your hair colorist to dye your brows an ash-tone color to avoid that brassy brow look.

4.  If you dye your hair very dark, keep your brows a shade or two lighter for a natural look and to keep that beautiful frame for your face.

5.  When you transition from blonde or brunette to red you may want to discuss your brow options with your hair colorist to make sure your red hair looks natural against your brows.

6.  If you decide to go with exotic hair colors such as bright blue, pink or similar, resist the urge to take your brows to the same color unless you're Katy Perry or Lady Gaga.

When in doubt about the best brow color for your hair color, consult with your professional hairstylist or your make-up pro.  They can guide you to the very best palettes for your skin tone, eyes and hair hue.

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