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Hair Styles - Miley Cyrus


Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has showcased a vast array of hair styles over the years since she first burst onto the celebrity scene with hair which was a cross between a light chestnut brown and a dark honey blonde.

The high-wattage celeb always commands the spotlight for her various hair styles, lengths and hair hues. She recently rocked a stunning long three strand soft messy side braid.

Note: Visit Miley's Celebrity Hairstyle Gallery to see more images.

Although she's had just about every hair color in the rainbow since those early days, over the past several months she's been wearing her very long hair interwoven with stunning ombré highlights.

The roots and top of Miley's hair is a dark almond with the mid to ends strands transitioning to a lighter honey. The light honey is interwoven throughout the end sections.

Miley Cyrus Rocker Hair Idol

According to some of Miley's celeb hairstylists she always wants her hair to look effortless and chic with a rocker edge ala Joan Jett. Miley fancies herself more rocker than country. She also identifies with Kate Moss.

The best bet for achieving several of Miley's hair looks is to go with 100% human hair extensions applied with an appropriate fusion methodology.

Miley's Hair Extensions

Miley Cyrus

The media has covered Miley's various hair extension experience in great detail.

There's very little doubt Miley is still wearing extensions since her long hair would not look as healthy and strong as it does given the amount of hair color changes she's transitioned through.

Although Miley may wear her hair with picture perfect extensions, if you look closely when Miley wears long braids or ponytails, it's impossible to see even a hint of a line of demarcation where extensions have most likely been added.

How To Copy Miley's Hair Color

Some Miley insiders believe she loves the honey, caramel and toasted almond hues because it suits her skin and eye tones so perfectly.

One of the best approaches to copying Miley's long dark blonde tresses is to achieve the color and length with extensions.

Miley Cyrus

The key is only coloring the top part of the hair in a base shade to match the add-on pieces which have been highlighted to care the ombré effect.

Some professional colorists might recommend a shorter or edgier hair style for the songbird, but Miley is famous for being a major hair rebel and loving to wear her tresses extremely long.

Miley is proud of her individualistic hair hues and styles.

Steal Miley's Hair Style

Miley has a history of wearing her hair long and infused with a hint of loose beachy waves. Although she's been known to wear a variety of fringes in the past, currently she wears her long strands cascading from a deep side part.

Miley currently directs all of her hair over the top of her head from the deep side part.

A side-swept panel of hair nestles along the outer edge of Miley's eyebrow and sweeps into the rest of her hair along the side. It's possible this is a fringe which has grown out over time.

Miley Cyrus

Hair Color Gurus

If you take your own hair to the honey or toasted almond of Miley's hue you will need to pamper your chemically treated strands.

Although Miley has been coiffed by a variety of celebrity colorists and stylists over the years, she has been spotted more than once either entering or leaving B2V Salon on 646 N. Doheny Drive in West Hollywood, California (310-777-0345). Her hairstylist at B2V is Ricardo Lauritzen.

Scott Cunha of the Andy Lecompte Salon, also in West Hollywood, has worked with Miley's hair for an extended period of time.

Best Of Both Worlds Tour

On her "Best of Both Worlds" tour, Jennifer Llewelyn was the hairstylist for Miley's hair which was styled in two basic styles. Miley either wanted lots of lush curls and waves or she wanted her hair sleek and straight.

Hannah Montana The Movie Hair Team

Hannah Montana The Movie had a complete team of hairstylists and wig makers including Adruitha Lee, hair department head, Natasha Ladek, personal wig maker for Miley.

Justin Stafford also was assigned to the movie to make wigs. Jose Zamora was key hair stylist, Beka Wilson was a hairstylist and Melinda Dunn was an assistant hair stylist.

Individual Hair Type, Texture And Condition

Miley Cyrus

It's possible your hair type, texture and/or strand condition may not be ideal for Miley's hair color, length and sleek style.

You may also need to consider whether Miley's long braided side-swept hairstyle would be appropriate for your face shape and type.

The type of hair texture you possess determines the type of tools and techniques you should utilize to style Miley's sleek hairstyle.

Miley Cyrus How To Hair Style

To copy the gorgeous long braid Miley recently wore on the Red Carpet follow the steps below:

Start with the very best hair care products and tools for turning chemically processed hair into a sleek cap:

1. Shampoo strands in lukewarm water with moisture enhancing shampoo and rinse out conditioners.

If you hair is naturally dry, chemically damaged, colored or naturally textured you may wish to experiment with alternative cleansing systems such as Diluted Shampoo (DS), Conditioner Only Wash (CoWash), Low Poo, No Poo or Water Only (WO).

Miley Cyrus

You may also wish to cleanse as infrequently as possible.

2. Apply moisture enhancing leave-in conditioners.

3. Employ frizz fighting products if your hair has a tendency to frizz.

4. For a mane that's soft to the touch, work a softening hair cream throughout damp strands to create smoothness.

Use products with a cream or silicone base. Avoid hair styling products like gel, wax or styling mud which hardens the hair.

5. Give hair an instant volume boost by skillfully wielding your blow dryer.

Blow dry the right side of the hair to the left side and the left side to the right.

Dry the back of the hair to the front. Reverse direction and dry from front to the back. Use either a paddle style brush for a sleek finish or a round brush for volume and curve.

Miley Cyrus

Note: Changing the direction of blow-drying creates lots of lush volume directly at the roots.

6. Fingerpick through hair to create a messy look.

7. Sweep all of the hair to one side.

8. Separate front section of the hair into 1 1/2" sections. Use a medium barrel curling iron to create loose waves.

9. Divide rest of the hair into three equal sized sections of hair.

10. Create a loose three strand braid. Go for a loose and sexy feel as you braid all the way down to the ends. Tie off the braid with a Blax or Bungee or similar elastic band.

11. Finish either style with a spritz of shine building serum to help lock in moisture, add shine and block humidity.

Miley Cyrus


Long lush bone straight hairstyles never go out of style and Miley often wears her long dark honey strands in this classic style.

When not wearing her hair down in bone straight strands she goes with loose barely-there waves.

Miley also likes to wear her hair in an array of ponytails from positioned high at the crown to hugging her neck.

Regardless of what happens with Miley's career or life, her fans can count on her continuing to keep them guessing with her hair hues, lengths and styles.

- Revised Publication Date: 01/03/2012

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