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Dolly Parton Feuding With Miley Cyrus?

Most people understand the media often promotes rumors with little basis for truth.  However, sometimes the so called gossip columns do hit the truth, but for a variety of reasons, celebrities or their media reps deny, deny and deny.  When it comes to determining if something is true in the world of Hollywood, the only way to truly know is to give something the test of time.

(Image of Dolly Parton - CMT Giants Honoring Reba McEntire - 10-26-06 - - All Rights Reserved).

When a female celeb denies her pregnancy, at least we will all eventually know if she is or isn't.  Same is true about rumors of divorce.  Many times stars claim publicly that all is well only to suddenly divorce.

Rumors have been swirling on a number of fronts about Dolly Parton and her real life god daughter Miley Cyrus.  The base for the buzz is Miley's new Hannah Montana movie which will be released in theaters on April 10th, after great anticipation.  As the rumor mill goes, Dolly wanted a part in the film with 16 year old Miley in order to keep her name in front of an entire new generation of potential fans.

Although we may never know what happened behind the scenes between Dolly and Miley, the always lovely Ms. Parton is not in the upcoming Hannah Montana movie.

Dolly has publicly said that the Hannah Montana producers initially asked her if she's be interested in revisiting Aunt Dolly for the big screen with Miley but the character never made it into the script.  Supposedly Miley refers to Dolly Parton as Aunt Dolly in real life.  Also, it has been said that Dolly has always treated Miley as a surrogate daughter, since she has no children of her own.

Regardless of the prior reports to the contrary, Dolly is not in the Hannah Montana movie. Some insiders have stated Dolly was crushed by not being included in Miley's latest movie.  Is that true or not?  We will probably never know unless Dolly or Miley writes a biography and spills the beans on the incident.

Don't worry about Dolly.  The super star still has plans to stay popular with the Miley Cyrus generations. She has a children's book hitting stores in June and plans to put out a series of children's CDs. Also on the drawing board: possibly hosting a children's TV show a la Pee-wee's Playhouse.

"In my older years, I'm going into that world of children," she says. "That's the way to keep yourself young. Be childlike, not childish."

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