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Big Hair Makes A Big Comeback - Celeb Hairstylist Ted Gibson Shares How-To Steps

Angelina Jolie and Sarah Jessica Parker are among the celebs flaunting cascading locks. Stylist Ted Gibson offers tips on how to live large.

Big Hair Makes A Big Comeback

You only have to look at Angelina Jolie on the current cover of Vanity Fair and Sarah Jessica Parker in the "Sex and the City" movie posters to see that celebrities are turning up the hair volume.   The current rendition of big hair is not the super sprayed, teased tresses of Dolly Parton or the B52s.  The modern version of big hair is sexy, but with a touch of a Victoria Secret model's lush waves.

Hair is backcombed but with the right products and smoothing technique to create an updated sex kitten.

Celebrity Hair Stylist Ted Gibson

If you want sex kitten hair turn to the man who creates the look for Jolie, Anne Hathaway and the Victoria's Secret models. Celebrity hair stylist Ted Gibson is a master at creating over-the-top sexpot. Gibson has a method for creating big beautiful hair.  Follow his steps below.

Big hair may be back, but Gibson says the look is always in style -- without the '80s stickiness or heavy hairspray. "This kind of hair takes a certain attitude, a lot of personality," he says. "It's really about having the confidence."  It also takes a blow dryer and hot rollers.

Start At The Root

Gibson advises that you always start at the root to get maximum fullness.

Step One: Cleanly divide your hair into five even sections (hair can be wet or dry).

Step Two: Apply a volumizing product to the scalp where each section is divided. Gibson favors his own product, called Build It. "It's about building volume without the weight."

Step Three: Apply a light, controlling gel all over the hair.

Gibson uses two or three pumps of a styling foam, then combs through the hair with his trusty Mason Pearson brush. "Brushing the hair after applying these products will help distribute the product evenly."

Step Four: Blow-dry the hair until it's about 80% dry and then finish by pulling the ends under using a round brush.

Gibson says "This helps get volume from the scalp." He uses a medium-size round barrel brush on Jolie, Hathaway and anyone with hair that hits from the chin to the clavicle. For shorter hair, use a small barrel.

Hot Rollers Make All The Difference

Step Five: Once the hair is completely dry, it's time for the hot rollers, which should be really hot.  Wrap 2-inch sections of hair around each roller until you look like a '50s housewife.

Step Six: Leave rollers in for 10 to 15 minutes, or until they are completely cool. After taking the rollers out, the curls should be more like waves than ringlets.

Step Seven: Spritz a light hair spray all over the head. It should be a "working" hair spray, which means one that doesn't get sticky or stiff, allowing you to keep working and building volume. Gibson recommends his Beautiful Hold hair spray.

Back Brushing And Back Combing

Step Eight: Throw your head over and brush out.

"Again, you want volume from the scalp," Gibson says. "Make sure you do some back brushing. Just tease the hair a little at the crown, smooth down the top, and spray again.

Step Nine: If you're concerned about fly-aways because of humidity, use a shine serum after brushing."

Summary  Big Hair Rules Forever

The look works for all ages, Gibson says. "Just look at the model Carmen del Orifice. She's been wearing her hair big forever. Now in her 70s, she still does, and she's completely gray! But I'm from Texas, so this all makes sense."

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