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Best Ponytail Hairstyles

Best Ponytail Hairstyles

mileypullingponytail_400h THE VOICE -- "Knockout Reality" -- Pictured: Miley Cyrus -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

Best Ponytail Hairstyles were showcased on Season 11 of NBC's The Voice by the perpetually saucy Miley Cyrus.

The singer's platinum hued, Bardot inspired pony was sky-high, wave infused and playful.

It was wrapped at the base with a thick sassy braid.

Amp Up The Pony Drama

Her edgy pony amps up the drama because it combines icy platinum blonde with contrasting chocolate brunette sides, hairline and crown.

The beauty of Miley's bombshell blonde mile-long ponytail is it's simplicity.

Clip In A Pony In Any Hue

Thus, if you have enough hair to sweep your hair back off your face, you can instantly attach a clip-on pony in any hue, texture or length.

mileytoppony_400h THE VOICE -- "Knockout Reality" -- Pictured: Miley Cyrus -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

You can quickly and easily recreate one of the best ponytail hairstyles and you don't even have to stick out your tongue like Miley does.

Pop on a long braid in any color, wrap it around the base of your pony until you’re satisfied with the the thickness.

Most importantly, go wild and don’t be afraid to go as bold as you desire.

How To - Best Ponytail Hairstyles

Follow the steps below to copy Miley's sassy style:

1.  Start with dry hair.

2.  Apply a light dash or sprinkle of hair powder to absorb excess oil, add grip as well as a hint of height around the crown.

3.  For a sleeker look, apply a dime sized dab of styling cream to finger tips.  Brush hands from hairline to back of head to remove loose strands or bumps.

4.  Use a boar bristle, barber brush or similar hair friendly paddle brush to create a sleek shape to the sides and top of your hair.

5.  Sweep hair up into a tight high ponytail positioned at the back of the crown and secured with one or more anti-slippage hook bungees

6.  Attach pony extension at the base of the pony.

7.  Wrap pony base with clip-in braid.

mileycyrusponytailside_400h THE VOICE -- "Knockout Reality" -- Pictured: Miley Cyrus -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

8.  If the ponytail is 100% human-hair, use a crimping or curling iron and randomly crimp or curl strands from top to bottom.

Note:  Never use heat or styling products on your clip-in extensions unless approved by the manufacturer.

9.  Dust finger tips with a texture booster.  Lightly run through sections before crimping for extra oomph.

10.  Once you're happy with the ponytail, mist a very lightweight oil spray all-over your head to add a noticeable sheen.

Then work some lightweight styling cream through the end of each ponytail to get that high-shine finish.

It's important to note that this look becomes too stuffy if everything looks flawless.

If any baby hairs pop out along the sides or the nape simply pat back into place with baby wipes.   Or lightly spray a comb or brush with hairspray and smooth into place.

Summary - Best Ponytail Hairstyles

The key to this hairstyle is expert pinning, some finger tousling or ironing.  You'll have a rumpled sexy ponytail masterpiece in a snap.

Add extra edge to the ponytail style by adding a few decorative bobby pins positioned right behind one ear in a fanned-out or stacked formation.

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