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Shapes Brow Bar: Eyebrow Shaping Offers Instant Facelift

Shapes Brow Bar: Eyebrow Shaping Offers Instant Facelift

For those looking to take years off their age without going under the knife, eyebrow shaping may just be the solution they are looking for.

Although billions of dollars are spent on salon and spa services each year, many women overlook and somehow ignore their eyebrows.

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The eyebrow is one of the most noticeable parts of the face and is the only facial feature than can be changed easily and personalized, thus becoming the most important facial feature people have.

Shaping eyebrows correctly and having the precise eyebrow arch gives a visual face-lift by defining other facial features. It also adds character to your face and take years off of the appearance.

Shapes Brow Bar

"In the industry, we like to refer to eyebrow shaping as the 10-minute face lift," explains Mosin Khan, director of Shapes Brow Bar, a company that specializes in offering brow shaping and arching through use of the threading technique.

"Especially for people that have generally neglected their eyebrows, it makes a huge difference in their appearance. Nicely shaped eyebrows make you look younger and more attractive, which in turn makes you feel better about yourself."

Threading Techniques

One of the newer trends in eyebrow shaping is the threading technique, which has been used for centuries in the Eastern parts of the world and is now slowly, but surely, making its way to the Western countries. There are some very important benefits to the threading method of shaping: it doesn't burn, peel or irritate the skin.

It also picks up even the very fine hairs that tweezers miss, has no trouble removing hairs that are too short for waxing and also removes the ingrown hairs generally caused by using the razor blade making, it the most precise form of hair removal than any other method. Threading also slows the return of hair because it removes it from the follicle.

Less Painful Than Tweezing

Additionally, threading is much less painful than tweezing individual hairs or using wax, which removes a layer of skin along with the hairs.  Eyebrow threading is quickly becoming the preferred natural method of eyebrow shaping in America. However, it's important that patrons seek out qualified technicians for the service.

Age-old Method Of Hair Removal

"It's an age-old method of hair removal but, for many people in this country, it's fairly new," explains Khan. "It's important, when choosing to get it done, that you make sure the person is qualified to do it. Those specializing in it or with professional training are ideal."

Improving DIY Eyebrow Shaping

Many people opt to attempt eyebrow shaping on their own using wax or tweezers. Here are a few simple things they can do to improve their experience:

• Don't overdo it and remove too much hair. Thin eyebrows make someone look older than they really are.

• Try to follow your natural brow line.

• To find your ideal shape, take a pencil and hold it vertically from one nostril to find the starting place for each eye.

• Next, take the pencil and, while vertically at the nostril, angle it to the corner of the eye to find the ending of the eyebrow.

• To determine the ideal arch, place the pencil diagonally so that it touches the middle of the mouth, nose and outside of the iris. This is the natural arch line and the hair outside of the target area can be removed.

• Seek a professional if you are unsure of how to get the best arch.

"Getting the eyebrows shaped is one of the most natural things someone can do to enhance their appearance," adds Khan. "It's also the most cost-effective way to do it."

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