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Kristen Bells Signs On With Cher, Christina For Burlesque Film

Kristen Bell, already busy beyond belief with her voice over work on Gossip Girls, her movies (Couples Retreat, AstroBoy) and her serious relationship with actor Dax Shepard recently signed onto co-star with Christina Aquilera in Christina's first dramatic feature-film debut.

(Image of Kristen Bell - - All Rights Reserved).

This is big news for Christina who is taking a big acting leap but not such a big deal with Kristen who has acted in a wide range of roles from TV to movies over the years.

The film which is about a burlesque dancer who finds her dreams in the big city after leaving her small-town roots is directed by Steven Antin from a script by Susannah Grant who did Erin Brockovich.  The film is scheduled to be released in late 2010 - unless of course there are unscheduled events which hold the production up - and we've all heard about those types of events.

In addition, the amazing Stanley Tucci just signed on which is a special seal for the film.  Who wouldn't love Cher, Kristen and Christina in the same film together?  Sounds like it will definitely be newsworthy.

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