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Christina Aguilera's Burlesque Braid

Singer and newly minted actress Christina Aguilera is on tour through Europe to promote her first role in Burlesque. As reported by Us Weekly Magazine, Ms. Aguilera went native in Berlin, Germany with a Heidi style braided look incorporating edgy add-on pink strands.

It's no surprise Christina's braid had pink highlights since in the past she has been a fan of multi-colored accent hair which actually gives her skin a nice healthy glow.

(Image from Us Weekly - All Rights Reserved)

Although I haven't chatted with the hairstylist who created Christina's braided style, it looks like a long add-on pony or section of hair was clipped and merged with her own hair in back.  It appears the add-on hair was plaited into a traditional three strand braid or rope which was interwoven with a variety of pink and blonde hued strands before being looped up and over the top of the Burlesque star's head.

Is the braid created from Christina's own natural hair?  I would seriously doubt it.  Although the songbird has recently been wearing her tresses below her shoulders,  it appears she's wearing some type of extensions to amp up her own hair's length and fullness. Extensions would also save on wear and tear to her own strands since her current color is white-white blonde.Does she have enough length and thickness to create her Berlin braid?  Probably not.   The braided hairstyle had a very contemporary and messy quality with lots of loss strands pulled from the sides and back.

I went to the theater to see the heavily touted film when it first opened.  Christina's hair looked absolutely amazing throughout the entire film.  Her hair in the film is snow white, but for various production numbers she wears a range of stunning white wigs.

(Image of Christina Aguilera from Burlesque - All Rights Reserved)

Although Christina's braid for the Berlin premiere is definitely edgy I think it suits her personality.  It definitely is a hairstyle that would evoke a definitely opinion and makes her stand out.  Not that Christina Aguilera ever needs any help in that department.

What do you think?  Is Christina's pink braid a keeper or not?

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