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Christina Aguilera's Hair How To

Christina Aguilera's Hair How To

Christina Aguilera's hair is always a topic of major interest by the media, hair and beauty experts.  From the very beginning of her spectacular music career Christina has rocked a stunning array of hair hues, lengths, style and texture.  Learning how to copy her hair is always of interest to many.

Now that Christina is the only female judge on NBC's hit show, The Voice, she's been showcasing her long white blonde tresses.

Although Christina appears to prefer wearing her long hair cascading down and around her shoulders and down her back, she recently rocked a sassy Boho style braid created by celebrity hairstylist David Babaii.  The famed celebrity hairstylist in the hair talent behind Christina's array of beautiful hairstyles on The Voice.

Although Christina has been sitting in her rotating red judge's chair, she's also been performing with her "girls" as she calls them.

She also has been filmed having coaching sessions with her team.  David has created hairstyles for Christina which work in harmony with her various fashions and costumes (during her performances).

Christina Aguilera's "Boho" Braid How To Steps

Whether you want to go with Christina's platinum blonde hair hue or not, this braid requires hair which is long enough to be braided.

If your own hair isn't long enough to braid then opt for a long clip-in pony, individual extensions or even fusion style extensions which give you the length you need to be able to create the same Boho style braids like Christina's.

Follow the steps below to create braids like Christina rocked on The Voice:

1.  David started by applying a small amount of Couture Colour Pequi Oil throughout Christina's tresses.

2.  Next David loosely parted Christina's fringe area down the middle sweeping them to the side.

3.  On the left side of her head he separated out 2 small sections (one at the temple area and one near the ear).

4.  David created three strand braids in each of the two sections securing them at the ends with tiny bands the same color as her hair.

5.  Once the braids were created David let them drape softly down around Christina's beautiful face.

6.  After the braids were finished the rest of Christina's hair was finger combed rolling her tresses to the left side.

7.  He braided the remaining long hair which was directed to one side.

8.  To finish the stunning hairstyle David applied an additional amount of Pequi Oil ( to the palms of his hands and smoothed the oil over the top of the surface of the style and braids.  The oil created a beautiful shimmer and shine.

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