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Kristen Wiig Excited To Be Back At SNL

Comedian and actress Kristen Wiig was wonderful in the opening number of the October 2nd issue of Saturday Night Light (SNL) with guest host Melissa McCarthy.   The sassy black clad team of sequin topped Kristen and Melissa did a hilarious song and dance number together.

At one point they disappeared behind a screen where other dancers took their place, although Kristen and Melissa pretended they were actually the ones doing the dancing.  They had great on-screen chemistry.

It makes perfect sense that Kristen and Melissa would be so great together.  Afterall, they co-starred as members of the bridal party in the hit film Bridesmaids where Melissa's character befriend Kristen's.

Kristen was profiled in the October 10th issue of People Magazine.   The 38 year old SNL veteran told People she was "so excited!" to be getting back to work on SNL for the new Fall 2011 season.  She said "It's like coming back to school and everyone has their shoes on."

Not only was Kristen the star of the hit Bridesmaids film, she was also the writer.  When asked if it was tough wearing multiple hats the funny lady said "I did learn to look at the script and make sure I'm not in every scene!  I was like, "Oh wait...I'm working every single day."

The good news about Bridesmaids was that it proved that a female comedy could be a hit.  Kristen wasn't surprised at the success of the hilarious movie.

She told People "There have been funny women for years!  But if female comedies get a chance to be made because of this, I couldn't be happier.

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