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Kristen Stewart's Hair Traumas

Recently Kristen Stewart made news for her heartfelt apology over comparing her paparazzi experiences with rape.  Poor Kristen.   Her every move is constantly being scrutinized by the media.

(Image of Kristen Stewart with long ponytail at 2010 Korean Premiere of Eclipse - DC Media - All Rights Reserved)

Which brings us to her recent hair traumas.  As widely reported in the news, Kristen, who is wearing a hairpiece for the new Twilight film "Eclipse" had to return to the studio for re-shoots of some of her scenes where her brunette wig slipped.

On top of that news, Kristen was photographed wearing - heaven forbid - a faux hair ponytail - at the Korean premiere of Eclipse.  Although some of the media pegged Kristen's new tail as "hair extensions" my guess is that she was wearing a clip-on version of a ponytail to mix up her look.

Or even, to get as much media coverage as possible for the new film.  As if the shy actress needs any more buzz.  Right?

The reason I think it's a clip-in pony is because Kristen let her actual hair lengths, grown out since her Joan Jett turn, stick up around the base of the pony.  It the ponytail really was new hair extensions, it's unlikely that stub of hair would be visible.  Which makes me wonder.  Did Kristen do her own hair or was the hair nub intentional?

Actually, I keep waiting for Kristen to display full blown Actors Hair Syndrome which is a known industry danger.  When actors or actresses are white hot, they're offered a never ending array of great roles which almost always requires hair color, length and texture changes.  While some actors are able to "cheat" with hair extensions and wigs, many are required to actually color their hair, which can cause damage over time.

The constant round of putting extensions in, taking them out, coloring hair, cutting, straightening, adding texture can leave an actor or actress with extremely damaged hair.  Thus the term Actors Hair Syndrome.

Instead of the media chattering about her latest chop or add-on pony, they'll be wondering if the lovely Kristen is going bald.  Of course to spice it up the headlines might point to Kristen's thinning tresses due to trauma over losing a love or some other personal drama when the reality may be just too much time in the hairdresser's chair.

The good news?  Kristen can't really complain (OK, she just might) about chronic bad hair events as long as she raking in the dough from her sizzling career.  What do they say?  Laughing all the way to the bank?

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