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Olivia Wilde Shimmers In Metallic Gunmetal On Golden Globes Red Carpet

Olivia Wilde was one of the first stars interviewed on E!'s Red Carpet show.  E!'s Jay Alexander was saying before Olivia Wilde of "House" appeared on camera on the red carpet that she's one of the hot actress to watch because of her gorgeous gown at The Emmy Awards.

(Image of actress Olivia Wilde - Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Copyright © MM-MMX Hollywood Foreign Press Association. All rights reserved)

Indeed, Olivia was one of the first stars to brave the rain which was soaking the famous Golden Globe Red Carpets.  She looked absolutely breathtaking.

The E! announcers said "I didn't think it was possible to 'outEmmy' your Olivia Wilde Emmy (gown), may I say, you have killed it today."

Olivia "thank you."  E!'s Kristen said "the Emmy Olivia Wilde is jealous."  Olivia "ohhhh, it's very comfortable.  You know it's the Golden Globes, we have to step it up a notch."

Olivia looked spectacular in a deep plunging gunmetal hued metallic long fitted gown showing offer her killer figure which she said was by "Gucci with shoes by Jimmy Choo" and accessories by "Judith Leiber" and jewelry "by Tiffany".  She said the designers "are all working together here" as she swept her hands to demonstrate.

Olivia noted "the thing I'm really really excited about this year is that we raising money for Haiti from my organization which is called Artists For Peace And Justice.  100% of what we raise goes directly to a hospital in Haiti.  And so the designers have kindly offered to donate their clothes so we can auction them off."

E!'s Kristen said "wow, you've been very involved in that this week, right?"  Olivia "yes, I just got back from Haiti right before the earthquake.  It means a tremendous amount to me.  I love the country and so we're doing everything we can."

Kristen said "now big news on "House" this week.  Jennifer Morrison is coming back, we heard."  Olivia "yes"  Kristen "how do you feel about that?  Are you excited to be working with her again?"  Olivia "thrilled.  Yes.  It's a great episode.  It's really amazing.  Hugh Laurie (Dr. House) is directing it, so it's going to be realy really special."

Kristen "we know the fans were upset that she left, earlier.  It was sort of shocking to everyone.  Did you get a lot of feedback from fans that they were missing her, would she come back?"  Olivia "I didn't personally, but I know people were upset when she left because they love her and I think they're really excited now and I commend the producers for taking risks like that.  They're not afraid of making people (viewers) angry.  But that's why the show stays interesting."

E! asked "thinking of taking risks, do you feel that you're television's goto bisexual?"

Oivia laughed and said an emphatic "no".  She said "I've only done it twice.  And I think people know that I'm not afraid of a challenge. So I take that as a compliment."  Olivia said to the E! announcer "so I'm calling you out."

Olivia was asked "any predictions tonight from you, award wise?"  Olivia said "ohhh, well, I'm presenting in the Best Comedy Series and I have my favorites " but I don't know.  I don't know.  I hope we have some surprises.  There's been some repeat winners over the years."

E! said "and "House" to win tonight, come on.  Third nomination and has not yet one."  Olivia "It would be nice but it is so amazing to be nominated in our sixth season.  It's really unusual.  We are very very honored to be among the other nominees so we feel like we've already won and I mean that."

E! thanks Olivia for stopping by and showing up and she pretended to be driving her car and screeching in the rain.  E! agreed it was definitely a challenge.

As far as Olivia's hair, it was perfectly coiffed to complement her stunning gun metal metallic gown.  Her chocolate brown hair was pulled smoothly offer her face and directly into a top of the crown pony with lots of waves built into the perimeter of the tail.  It was a very finished look and worked completely with her make-up and her entire look.

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