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Olivia Wilde's Iconic Beachy Waves

Olivia Wilde's Iconic Beachy Waves

Olivia Wilde is known for her work on Fox TV's House, for her work in hot movie roles and her iconic beachy waves.

Celebrity Hairstylist David Babaii is famous for his iconic beachy waves.  The adorable David has created eye popping, mouth dropping beachy waves on some of the biggest female stars in the world including Angelina Jolie and Nicole Kiddman.

He recently worked his wave making magic on actress

David Babaii's Secrets For Creating Olivia Wilde's Iconic Beachy Waves

Follow David's steps below to  re-create Olivia Wilde's hairstyle:

1.  David began by applying Couture Colour Pequi Oil Treatment through Olivia's hair before drying it.

2.  For Olivia's fringe area, he used a large paddle brush to create a sleek finish.

3.  After finishing her fringe area he separated hair into three sections - nape of neck and the sides - in order to have total control of the styling process.

4.  Starting at the nape area, David took 2" sections of hair and wrapped them around the inside of a large barrel curling iron.

5.  After curling each section of hair he re-wrapped the newly formed curl around his fingers to shape into an invisible roller.  He secured the newly curled hair against the scalp with bobby pins.

6.  He curled the entire head, pinning each newly formed curl and allowing the sections to cool.

7.  Once the curls were cooled and formed he removed all the pins allowing the newly formed curls to fall naturally.

8.  To finish David applied an additional amount of Pequi Oil to his hands.  He then gently brushed the curls out using his oil coated fingers, allowing Olivia's curls to fall into a natural wave pattern.

He finished Olivia's gorgeous beachy waves by applying additional Pequi Oil to her hairstyle for enhanced condition, strength and shine.  The beauty of the Pequi Oil is that is adds beautiful finish without weighing the hair down.

Note: Couture Colour Pequi Oil can be purchased via

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