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Rachel Zoe Pinned Up Beachy Wave How To

Rachel Zoe With Pinned Up Beachy Waves

Rachel Zoe Pinned Up Beachy Wave How To

Rachel Zoe's career is sizzling.  She has her Bravo/TV show, her own fashion label, some of the most coveted celebrities for her styling business, an adoring husband, and Skylar Berman, an adorable new designer clad baby boy.

Now that Rachel has added the mom title to her growing list of responsibilities her hair seems to be changing.

Is it in response to her new mom role?  Or is it just Rachel's desire to transition to a slightly different hair hue and look? Afterall, some blonde celebrities traditionally go darker during the Fall and Winter months.

It's hard to know exactly what's happening with Rachel's hair.  Maybe it'll eventually be revealed on her reality TV show.  Or maybe not.

Regardless of the reasons, Rachel has slowly transitioned from her trademark white blonde hue to a darker blonde with a hint of copper.  The new hair hue is very flattering on the celebrity stylist.   She's also let her previous long fringe, which framed the sides of her face, completely grow out.

Although she still rocks her iconic beachy waves, she's been stepping out in public with her wavy strands brushed off her face and pulled up into a series of soft twists.  Rachel's latest hair hue and twists looks major, as Rachel might say.

Rache Zoe Long Platinum Beachy Hair

Step by Step Tips For Getting Rachel Zoe's Pinned Up Beach Waves

This hairstyle, especially if you wish to pin it up like Rachel, works best with hair which is naturally wavy and is medium thick. The best length for this hairstyle  is shoulder length of longer.    The first part of recreating this look is to create the beachy waves and then pull it up into a soft twist or updo.

If you're a great candidate for this hair style, work with your hair professional to create the stunning hair color and the beautiful cut.

Follow the steps below to style:

1.  Cleanse de-tangled hair in lukewarm water with a custom formulation designed for your individual hair  type, texture and condition. You may wish to do a Diluted Shampoo (DS) wash, a Conditioner Only Wash (CO Wash), a Water Only (WO) wash or a low or no poo cleanse. Utilize a product which will protect and maintain your beautiful hair color.

2.  Rinse shampoo or alternative cleansing formula from hair. Gently squeeze out excess water with fingers in an accordion style.

3.  Apply rinse-out conditioner like with good slip to wet strands from top of ears down to the ends (avoid the roots). Use fingers or a hair friendly wide-tooth comb to detangle individual 2" horizontal sections.

Rachel Zoe With White Blonde Beachy Waves

4.  After hair is completely detangled rinse well and finish with a cool or cold wash.  This helps to add shine and close the hair cuticle.

5.  Towel blot hair to remove excess water. Do not rub hair.  Leave hair damp.6.  Apply styling cocktail consisting of a leave-in conditioner, defrisant and a volume enhancing whipped mouse or similar volume enhancing product.  Be sure to distribute styling cocktail with fingers or wide tooth comb for even coverage through hair.  For extra volume built into the roots add Phyto Volume Actif to damp hair.

7.  Flip head over and blow dry hair to add volume to the roots.

8.  When underneath of hair is dry flip head back over at the waist.  Finish drying the top and front of the hair. For additional volume at the top, direct heat at root area and use on base placement. Continue to blow dry top of hair.  As each section is dry twist large sections of hair around your finger starting at the bottom and twisting until there is tension.  Pin to the scalp and let rest of hair air dry.

9.  Separate hair into four equal sections.

10.  Apply light hold hairspray directly onto hair about 3 inches down from the roots and 3 inches from the ends.

Rachael Zoe Long Beachy Waves

11.  Position a  1 to 1 1/4 inch curling iron about the hair 3 inches from the roots.  Wrap medium sized sections of hair around the barrel. Be sure to stay away from the ends.  To achieve ideal beachy waves keep the ends straight.

12.  Continue working around the head until all hair is curled.

13.  Apply a light hold hairspray all over and lightly scrunch the hair with your fingers.

14.  Once hair is completely styled into your desired waves create a soft twist.  Use fingers or boar bristle brush to direct hair up and off the face.  Pull hair into a soft ponytail.  Hold the base of the pony with one hand so that it's positioned halfway between the crown and the nape of the neck.  With the other hand take the tail and wrap it once over the top of the pony base.  With the other hand twist the tail around in a clockwise direction until the entire tail has been wrapped.  Pin securely in place against the scalp.

15.  Use fingers to gently pull the sides and twist loose.


One of the advantages to creating this soft twist from newly created beachy waves is that the updo will look soft, sexy and like it was created right after you got out of bed.  When you unpin the twist the tousled waves will be even better than when your first created the waves.

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