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Julianne Hough Decides Not To Shave Her Head On Ellen

Julianne appeared on Ellen wearing a very short dress which showcased her long legs. Ellen teased her about her dress being too short.

Julianne said that her new role in Burlesque is her first major film appearance. Julianne felt the film was a great selection for her because it included dressing.

The bubbly entertainer had nothing but great things to say about Cher. She said "she's super cool. She's a super diva and if anybody has the right to be one on set she is, but she's not at all. She's totally down to earth, super cool, know all the crews name, the entire cast."

Ellen also talked to Julianne about "my friend Ryan Seacrest, your boyfriend. I have been trying to get him to meet a nice girl for a long, long time." She said Julianne she is very happy that Ryan has a nice girl like her. Ellen said "I just couldn't believe he couldn't find someone."

Julianne told Ellen he's a great boyfriend, super romantic and that he showers her with flowers. She said she was "almost embarrassed" because of the number of flowers he showered her with.

Ellen told Julianne "so I'm told you've been blonde and brunette, now which way, what are you going to stay?"

Julianne said "so red was for Burlesque for which I felt like a total vixen. And then I just finished Footloose, and this is the color for that." Julianne pointed to her rich brunette tresses to demonstrate. Julianne explained "and then I'm a natural blonde but I dyed the blonde hair so I'm kinda like man, I wanna kinda shave my head and see what color my hair is cause, it's you know. And have it be all healthy and pretty and so, but Ryan's like 'don't do that.'"

Ellen said "it looks healthy now but we heard you were interested in shaving it so we wanted to give you an idea of what you'd look like if you do shave it." Ellen showed a large photo of Julianne with a shaved head. The former DWTS star said after seeing herself "yeah, maybe Ryan's right. Yeah, that's terrible."

Ellen said "yeah, but he could shave his head as well and then you could all look like the cutest couple." Ellen then showed a photo of Ryan with his head shaved."

Julianne clapped at the photo of Ryan and said "that's awesome." Ellen agreed "not everyone can pull it off. So no, maybe both of you keep your hair."

Julianne said "I think so."

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